MoOD Seminar Program reaches unseen heights

Visitors of MoOD+Indigo can attend free seminars and guided walks. This year the program reaches unseen heights thanks to some really big names. Amongst them Daan Roosegaarde, Marie Rouillon and Milou Ket, the grande dame of styling.

Milou Ket shares approach
Milou Ket has been publishing her Interior Trend book since 1992 and is a familiar face at international exhibitions. Over the years Milou has developed her own methodology for observing and analysing trends.

During her seminar, she intends to share this approach with the public. Based on some specific examples in Toronto and Paris, she will explain how she develops colour charts and how she uses them for product development.

During our conversation, Milou already lifted a veil on her vision: “It is a misunderstanding that only the new is interesting. My experience has taught me that it is much more important to focus on applicability and functionality. In my presentation I explain why. In addition, I will also explain six themes from my book.

Vintage Green is the most applicable
Milou: “Vintage Green is a theme I expect a lot from. It is about nature and everything that is old and degraded. It also includes a good deal of industrial design, camouflage prints and a whole lot of irregular shapes.

Influences from the history books
Milou: “Another theme I expect a lot from is “Eclectic Heritage”. It draws inspiration from the historiography. In other words: ‘from the history books’. It’s a bit of a moody theme. Dark atmosphere with influences from the Golden Age and cabinets of curiosities. Art deco is also interwoven in it. A highly eclectic theme, as you can see.

Reserve your ticket for MoOD+Indigo
Would you like to see Milou Ket in action? Take a peek at MoOD+Indigo’s website and order your tickets today. This will allow you to take your pick from the seminars and guided walks of your choice. Like last year, Marie Rouillon – Trends Stylist for MIX Magazine – will explain the latest trends and colours of the magazine. Niek De Prest and Jennifer Castoldi will be expecting you for their inspiring and interactive guided walks. Daan Roosegaarde (yes!) will be our special guest and keynote on Tuesday evening.

Want the real TedX experience? Just show up at MoOD!

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