Innovation Platform 2018

Also in 2018 the MoOD Innovation Sample Bank will be presenting high tech materials as well as materials used in an innovative way. All of which can find their use in upholstery, window and wall covering. The accent is on textiles but other materials are taken into account as well.

It’s not about the most aesthetic
MoOD Innovation Platform is not so much about being the most aesthetic, or about putting the most trendy product on display: it’s about what is most innovative in terms of technique, performance, use of new materials, intelligent materials and so on.

The MoOD Innovation Sample Banks will be presenting high tech materials as well as materials used in an innovative way.

The curators
Since the start of the Innovation Platform we teamed up with partners who curated these sample banks. By doing so they have been inspiring MoOD and Indigo Brussels visitors each show since 2009. For this edition too Colour Hive,  Material Lab , Trendease International, Masters of Linen and MaterialDistrict will be presenting you an inspiring selection of materials.

NEW: MaterialDistrict brings The Third Skin expo at MoOD+Indigo
Textile for interior is like a third skin. After clothing, the interior is our closest environment, in which protection, comfort and ambience are important. What are the trends for interior textiles? Sustainability, health, safety, low-maintenance and ambience are the most important items.

These materials are made from coffee extract, cork, pineapple leaf fibres, tree bark, recycled denim or leather, and they are soft, stiff or hard. Old material resources are used in a new function and shape. Meet the who’s who of upholstery, window and wall covering producers!

MaterialDistrict’s value as a high-end materials inspiration source is clear:  R&D- and design professionals of all industries are using their platform to discover new material solutions. 

Colour Hive
Colour Hive is a London based creative agency with 19 years of experience in trend and colour forecasting. Their global and regional trend and colour expertise are at the centre of our work in developing bespoke strategy, content and marketing for our clients. They are the creators and publishers of MIX Magazine, a quarterly forecasting publication for design and colour professionals. 

Meterial Lab
Material Lab is a design resource studio and materials library in London, created especially by the UK’s leading tile manufacturer Johnson Tiles in 2006, who listened and responded to what the architect and design community wanted. It’s a place where inspiration and creativity go hand in hand, where you can immerse yourself in surface coverings of every kind, no matter what they’re made from.

Trendease International
The team of Jennifer Castoldi has been providing the most amazing samples since the start of the Innovation Platform. This year will be no different! 

Trendease is an online design and fashion publication.Traveling extensively to gather visions and digital images from shops, showrooms, trade fairs, exhibits, and fashion shows in all the major European fashion capitals: Paris, London, Milan and many others. Trendease aims to inspire through the use of these images accompanied by interviews and articles.  

Masters of Linen
The Masters of Linen / CELC selection too has been a source of inspiration since the start of the Innovation Platform. 

They are the privileged spokesperson for 10 000 European companies and oversees the fiber’s development from plant to finished product. Through its Textile section, it assures the promotion of the European industry in the areas of fashion and lifestyle. With its Technical section and European Scientific Council, the CELC helps its members move towards the future to discover new technical opportunities such as ecoconstruction
and high-performing composite products.

Think tank MoOD

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