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Keep up with the industry shifts. Visit the Cutting Edge area at MoOD

23-08-2018 in MoOD News

Jennifer Castoldi is the curator of the Launch Pads, an area within the Cutting Edge area at MoOD. She’s also one of the five partners to present their selection on the innovation platform. Visiting over 100 international design events a year, she inspires audiences around the globe with innovative and cutting-edge designs. We asked her what to expect at MoOD. 

What exactly is the ‘cutting edge project’ at MoOD?

The Cutting-Edge project is a one stop shop of information, materials, processes, and talent that embraces the future of our trade.  In Shed 3bis visitors can encounter alongside the ever-popular Innovation Platform, trend presentation, and conference space, the Launch Pads, forecasters, and digital providers such as software, printers, and print service providers.

You also curate a part of the Innovation Platform. Which innovations drew your attention?

Creatives are calling for a greater awareness of unused/misused resources; new economies are emerging, and the relationships between source, resource, product and user are being re-examined.  One of the biggest game changers for the market will be the evolution of material innovation and a drive towards a circular economy.  A balance and integration of natural and manmade materials with the latest technologies, combined with millennia of craftsmanship, is bringing about fresh possibilities for more responsible design that is also aesthetically pleasing and saleable.

Can you explain the idea behind the Launch Pad? 

The Launch Pad is a special area at MoOD curated by my team and I at Trendease International. Talented individuals and start-ups that have been in the industry for five years or less that demonstrate skill, fresh ideas, and drive are welcome to apply for a stand. Trendease scouts the talent from over one hundred global design events that we attend annually; many of them have been featured in our reports published on  This year marks the fourth year of the Launch Pad section and we have a number of exciting exhibitors to introduce to the market.

Is design for health a subject to the Launch Pads?

At least two of our Launch Pads focus on health. You can meet Megan; her collection of knitted designs inspires a playful interior environment for kids. “This project is heavily influenced by the concept of sensory play and the developmental benefits it has for young children; an idea that is becoming increasingly recognized not only by parents but also by professionals within healthcare and education.”  And Abbi’s project “is focused on increasing the calming and comforting effects interior textiles can create, especially for those suffering with high levels of stress and anxiety.  This is a growing issue in this day and is why I feel is why it is important for all possible reliefs of stress to be explored and pushed.”

How about socially responsible design? 

Working with wool originating from Latin America to the United Kingdom is a popular practice re-emerging.  The designers are using natural dyes extracted from avocado, cabbage, and coffee plus employing age-old techniques to develop modern products, while looking for models to support social enterprises.

Material experimentation seems to be a recurring focus. Can you give an example?

It is. From powder coating onto steel, patterned wall panels, digitally printed wallpapers, to unique weaves, you can find it all in the Launch Pads.  Linglan’s work, for example, focuses on the exploration and fabrication of physical materials.  She wants to reveal and express her personal vision of the future through the use of various patterns and materials.  Linglan uses laser cutting technology to give shapes 3-D effects.  She is determined to produce creative surface designs that mimic natural surfaces and texture.  She believes it’s also a fresh and necessary path to go forward with the fast development of technology and the shortage of natural resources.  The future lies on how we best use materials at our disposal and transform them into something new.

Can MoOD visitors join you on a tour?

We look forward to welcoming the crowds and for those who would like to join, I will be giving tours of The Cutting-Edge area on September 11th and 12th at 4pm.  We will also be publishing a number of posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our aim is to inspire!

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