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Not to be missed at MoOD+Indigo: Daan Roosegaarde, Hippie with a business plan

23-08-2018 in MoOD News

Daan Roosegaarde is coming to MoOD. The NYTimes called him the ‘new hippie with a business plan’. But you might know him from TEDx, or one of his much talked-about projects featured by the world's media. Yes, this is the Daan Roosegaarde coming to MoOD. We asked him what he has in store of the visitors of MoOD. Because anybody that visits MoOD, can attend his talk for FREE, at the end of the first day of the exhibition.

If you don't know Daan yet, have a look at this clip.


People call you an artist and an innovator. Which do you prefer?

Both! I don’t have to choose. But I am working more on exploration that on defining. So, I’m leaning more towards research.

What exactly do you research?

I research landscapes, interiors and exteriors of the future and combine them with technology and design. The big theme in my work is BEAUTY. Beauty is always at the centre of things.

Beauty in the sense of purity, you mentioned?

Beauty of water, energy, air. In both the interior as well as the exterior. I see beauty primarily as purity. I investigate what contribution we can make to that beauty, to that purity. Can we collect contaminated air and clean it? With my Smog Project I set up an experiment to make a park free of smog. I also investigate whether we can create beauty by working in cycles? In other words, how we can use what is waste for one as food for another.

Technology plays a major role in your work …

Indeed, it does. I want to combine imagination and technology with experimentation. Innovation always starts with imagination. In my opinion, creativity is the new capital.

But the step from imagination to execution? That takes more. A lot of people ask me how I do this. I will answer this question by telling my own story at MoOD.

How important is the result of your projects?

I find it quite important. I primarily do research and innovate in order to facilitate things. Thanks to the results, my projects reach a global audience. I want to create innovations that make the world a more efficient and sustainable place. Without results, that will not be possible.

Do you also want to commercialise products or do you want to stick with experimentation and artistry?

I do both. That is why we always work together with scientists and commercial companies. By questioning the world as an artist, I develop new ideas. For me they go hand in hand. (Editor's note: hence the pseudonym/nickname: ‘the hippie with the business plan’)

Your lecture at MoOD will be a great success. A huge number of people want to attend it. Can they also expect some form of interaction?

Of course! I like to see my lecture as an open debate. Bring on those questions!

You can see Daan for one night only:
Tuesday September 11th at 6pm.

Step 1.: Register your ticket for MoOD+Indigo if you haven't already done so?

Step 2.: Reserve your seat for the evening with Daan Roosegaarde. Do not wait as seats are limited!

Step 3.
On september 11 at 6 pm, be inspired by the keynote by Daan at MoOD+Indigo, Tour & Taxis, Brussels.
Step 4.
After the talk enjoy drinks on the house! ;-)
The perfect time for a casual chat at the end of the first show day.   


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