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“WOMACK” 2 of 3 colour palettes - Colours for the artistic globalist.

01-08-2018 in Color trends

M'afrique Seku by Moroso in the spirit of Womack

Like many other textile companies, you are most likely to be working for a certain target audience. But is the choice of colours a very conscious one in function of that target audience? It is in your interest to do so, as a recent study by the CCI, the American Institute for Color Research, has shown.

To a large extent colour is a determining factor for your target audience

92.6% of the respondents claimed that they are guided by colour when making a purchase. A conscious choice, then. But 60 to 90% is unconsciously influenced by colour. Only by colour. All the reason why selecting colours is not just a matter of incorporating the Pantone colour of the year in your newest collection. It is a matter of understanding your target audience and understanding how colour works. It is also a matter of the right combinations.

Aesthetics with a revolutionary character

The colour pallet "Womack" we designed for MoOD is aimed at the artistic globalist. It draws mainly on the theme of Afrofuturism, which promotes aesthetics with a soft revolutionary character. It is also characterized by a number of hybrid colors. These point to the cross-fertilisation between cultures.

Womack, the colour pallet for the artistic globalist Womack, the colour pallet for the artistic globalist

Expressive accents

For this pallet a deliberate choice has been made to include two expressive colours, blue and orange. Not only do they fit in well with the African looking browns, they also make the whole more modern and spicier above all. We also incorporated a colour from the Mendini Pallet, a strong green that makes the pallet more trendy and vivid at the same time.


Installation by Dimoregallery Installation by Dimoregallery

Always test

Thanks to the new findings on colour, designers are less likely to rely on their gut feeling. If you work for several target audiences, it is best to test fairly thoroughly whether the colours you have chosen are a correct fit. After all, it wouldn't be the first time that companies would see a collection other than the one they had expected. So those who want to be certain, choose a thorough test beforehand. In the next blog post, I will go into this in more detail.

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