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When deliberately ugly becomes a trend in luxury

20-06-2018 in NEXT WAVE

Cristina Celatino was inspired by North Korean interior design

On the 24th of May, I presented my trend forecast for MoOD+Indigo. This blogpost dives deeper in one of the topics, the trend of the Anti-design and what it means to the future of luxury.

Bad is the new good, anti-design the new design

Today, june 20th, 20 years old rapper XXXTentacion was shot dead. This rising star built a music career on insults and violence. But a star he was.

Rapper XXXTencion built a music career on insults and violence Rapper XXXTencion built a music career on insults and violence

In fashion, Demna Gvasalia, the enfant terrible of fashion, became head of design at Balenciaga, after bringing a DHL t-shirt to the red carpet. Anti-design seems to be a powerful trend that drivers luxury business.

Demna Gvasalia brought a DHL t-shirt to the catwalk Demna Gvasalia brought a DHL t-shirt to the catwalk

Deliberately ugly

On top of that, some luxury products nowadays are deliberately made ugly, reflecting the desire of designers and shoppers alike to break with the old standards of taste. And to stand out on instagram. Gvasalia told the Financial Times, earlier this year, that more people prioritize uniqueness over traditional luxury. For young people, standing out is more important than quality and elevated design. The concept of luxury is pivoting, but one thing remains: luxury is still about objects of desire. And objects that stand out are objects of desire.

North Korean interior North Korean interior

Cristina Celatino creates anti-design interiors

Cristina Celatino could be named the Demna Gvasali of the interior design. Her work reflects the beauty of the anti-design. Her wallcovering, upholstery and carpets seem to come strait from the Kim Jung Un residence. Her work is inspired on cold and empty North-Korean waiting rooms with their bright green carpets and orange upholstery. Rooms with pink walls or green ceiling and contrasting furniture. Just google “North Korea interiors” and you will understand what I mean. The feeling of emptiness is never far away. We hate this, but we seem to desire it even more. Its scarcety and uniqueness is what makes it attractive. It is what makes it objects of desire. While on one hand we still love the sweet harmonious interiors that reflect the consensus of quality, the chance is high that we will embrace parts of ugly or anti-design in the near future.

Contrasting colours in North Korean waiting room Contrasting colours in North Korean waiting room

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