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ULLA, 1 of 3 colour palettes for Next Wave textile trends

18-06-2018 in Color trends

Ulla von Brandenburg Performance #textilecolours #textiledesign #colourpallet

Colours are amongst the most important drivers of change. Colours tell us something has changed. Colours also communicate a brand’s strength when it comes to future readiness. Yet not every trend colour is a must. Much depends on your customer’s profile. This is why we created 3 palettes. Each of them carrying a woman’s name.

The first palette is called ULLA and started with inspiration, drawn from the work of Ulla von Brandenburg.

Ulla von Brandenburg is a textile designer, a performer, a photographer and an artist. Her colour choice is delicate and always meaningful. We were especially inspired by the soft pastel-like colours Ulla used in her installation ‘It Has a Golden Sun and an Elderly Grey Moon.’

Ulla von Brandenburg Installation #textilecolours #textiledesign #colourpallet Ulla von Brandenburg Installation #textilecolours #textiledesign #colourpallet

Nike Sneakers Colour Pallet Nike Sneakers Colour Pallet

Nike was also a source of inspiration. More specifically, the Nike sneakers. Often colour trends are set in the accessories. New colours in accessories are less risky, while they gradually allow us to get used to the colour trend that can grow independently. Nike launched sneakers with real trend colours, each one a bit aged or tending to a non-colour, a colour between two colours.

Kvadrat Nebula colours Kvadrat Nebula colours

As a textile designer, Ulla von Brandenburg cannot be dissociated from Kvadrat. And let's be honest, if there's one brand name that the average architect, interior architect or interior decorator knows, then it's certainly Kvadrat. Kvadrat's connections with the fashion world are no stranger to this. Fashion start designer Raf Simons designed a collection with 'incarnate colours' for the brand. Incarnate stems from the German Inkarnat, a German term which refers to the colours of the human being: the flesh colour of the skin, the eyes (blue/grey), the mouth, the hairs. Simons added yellow, the colour of creativity and playful carelessness.

Raf Simons for Kvadrat Raf Simons for Kvadrat

Raf Simons Colours for Kvadrat Raf Simons Colours for Kvadrat

The ULLA colour pallet (1/3 pallets for MoOD+INDIGO) #colourpallet #textilecolourpallet #textilecolours #trendcolours The ULLA colour pallet (1/3 pallets for MoOD+INDIGO) #colourpallet #textilecolourpallet #textilecolours #trendcolours

Ulla von Brandenburg Performance #textilecolours #textiledesign #colourpallet Ulla von Brandenburg Performance #textilecolours #textiledesign #colourpallet

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