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“MENDINI” -3 of 3 colour palletes - the colours of altruism

05-09-2018 in Color trends

We are living in an attention economy. Every business is in constant competition for today’s most valuable resource,  attention. News feeds are filled with clickbait like images and headlines. No wonder colour plays an important role.

Why Mendini?

The Mendini pallet got its name from the architect and designer Alessandro Mendini. The man became famous for his use of bright colours. Amongst them a combination of yellow and pink. In his new design venture, Fragile, a gallery in Milan, a light emerald green was added to the walls. The vibrant walls are a rebellion against the Milanese design norms and break the mould of the pervasive white cube.

Fragile, the rebellion Mendini gallery Fragile, the rebellion Mendini gallery

Alessandro Mendini's colourful chair Alessandro Mendini's colourful chair

Referring to optimism

On the other hand, the Mendini colours are a tribute to fun and optimism. In a world with an overload of plastic waste, 292 million posts on Instagram are hashtagged #fun. Only #friends and #love do better. Fun is a growing preoccupation. We are obsessed with having a good time. And what expresses optimism more than colour?

#fun and #play are social media's most loved hashtags #fun and #play are social media's most loved hashtags

A link to Altruism

The pallet is also a blink to ALTRUISM. With today’s social media ruling, having a sense of altruism is a good sign. A positive attitude overcomes the biggest problems our world is dealing with. All the reason to select bright colours, like yellow, referring to optimism, pink linking to the human body and a lot of green expressing the love for nature.

A modern variant

A lot of the colours in the pallet are variants of basic colours. It makes the pallet more modern and most of all warmer. Blue got a purple touch, green doubts between moss and emerald and yellow has a reddish influence to make it warmer.

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