Next Wave



The need for new elegance and refinement

10-07-2018 in NEXT WAVE

Have we seen too much worn-out and imperfection? In fabrics, the worn look is ubiquitous. The same applies to the street scene. Sneakers and worn jeans can even be seen at a chic reception, but on the catwalk there's a loud scream for more sophistication and elegance. Valentino and Givenchy to name but two, are bulging in refinement.


When deliberately ugly becomes a trend in luxury

20-06-2018 in NEXT WAVE

On the 24th of May, I presented my trend forecast for MoOD+Indigo. This blogpost dives deeper in one of the topics, the trend of the Anti-design and what it means to the future of luxury.


7 interior textile trends not to miss out in 2019

16-05-2018 in NEXT WAVE

Find out about the most influencing textile trends for 2019: material trends, colour trends, patterns and styles.


Buying textiles is an art you can learn

29-04-2018 in NEXT WAVE

Trending: textile buyers demand for trainings to improve their buying skills. Here are some tips to get started.


Why a trendblog for the textile business?

28-04-2018 in NEXT WAVE

The reason is obvious: the textile business is one of the driving industries behind furniture design and interior decoration.


Who is behind this dedicated textile trend blog?

27-04-2018 in NEXT WAVE

The world is changing exponentially. And so will our industry. But how will this affect your business? And the textile business in general? Niek De Prest casts an eye on the future of textiledesign and textile industry.


Next Wave Textile Trends

26-04-2018 in NEXT WAVE

NEXT WAVE is the title of this trend blog. I, Niek De Prest, trend analyst for MoOD+Indigo, have selected it because of the enormous speed we are running into the future with. Trends come in waves. The one already higher and more powerful than the other.

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