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Why did tone-on-tone become so popular?

19-07-2018 in Color trends

Milan Design week 2018 was packed with it: tone-on-tone and harmonious combinations in all conceivable colours. One of the most beautiful examples is provided by Blastation: they opted for a soothing combination of burgundy and rusty brown. But greens and yellow also stood out. From emerald to grass green and from sunflower yellow to ochre. They have one thing in common: they belong to the same family on the colour spectrum. But why are they suddenly so popular and why do buyers and providers have to take them into account?


ULLA, 1 of 3 colour palettes for Next Wave textile trends

18-06-2018 in Color trends

Colours are amongst the most important drivers of change. Colours tell us something has changed. Colours also communicate a brand’s strength when it comes to future readiness. Yet not every trend colour is a must. Much depends on your customer’s profile. This is why we created 3 palettes. Each of them carrying a woman’s name.


Afrofuturism is trending

09-05-2018 in Color trends

Did you hear about the movie "Bar Star City" (release date TBA)?  It tells the story of a goddess, a war veteran and the captain of a spaceship meeting in a bar. It is the beginning of a trend called Afrofuturism.


#fun - ecclectic colour pallets rule the cities

29-04-2018 in Color trends

292 million posts on instagram are hashtagged #fun. Only #friends and #love do better. Fun is a growing preoccupation for some time now.

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