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Also in 2018 the MoOD Innovation Sample Bank will be presenting high tech materials as well as materials used in an innovative way. All of which can find their use in upholstery, window and wall covering. The accent is on textiles but other materials are taken into account as well.

It's not about the most aesthetic
MoOD Innovation Platform is not so much about being the most aesthetic, or about putting the most trendy product on display: it’s about what is most innovative in terms of technique, performance, use of new materials, intelligent materials and so on.

Partners of previous edition:

Material Lab
Trendease International
Colour Hive
Masters of Linen




Overview of the 2018 Innovation Platform


Sample Company Sample name Description Partner
Alice Percy-Raine Interlocking Infused Fabric 25 x 30 cm Neoprene and Cork bonded and adjoined together Colour Hive / Material Lab
Alise Popila Silver and rust fringe The weaving and finishing techniques are combined to achieve an innovative texture. Cotton fibres are dyed with natural dyes using slow craft methods. The choice of the silver grey and rust orange tones creates a vibrant and balanced colour combination Colour Hive / Material Lab
Alissa + Nienke Mirabilia Wallcovering Mirabilia Wallcovering is 3D wallpaper, consisting of patterns of incisions that transform the surface into a tactile structure that literally stands out. Playing with its layers, colours and patterns, Mirabilia Wallcovering catches light and wind. Mirabi MaterialDistrict
Alyx Clark Re see, Re Use - Mapped out This sample is inspired by architectural structures and drawings.By digitally drawing out my inspirations, I then explored the scale of these - re seeing the original image, to then be used as something completely new. Digital embroidery is added on top, Colour Hive / Material Lab
AMAR Wallcovering Blue Wallcovering • Can be used on a variety of surfaces such as wall panels / partitions, on doors and furniture, lighting and other items of décor as a feature or backdrop. • Each design is unique and tailored to your imagination. • The material used is a breathable, Colour Hive / Material Lab
Amelia Frost Construct An existing Formica laminate laser etched with an urban inspired design. Construct features the modern architecture found in Birmingham's City Centre. Once etched, the surface has then been treated with hand-mixed screen printing pigment to add texture an Trendease International
Amelia Frost Formation An existing Formica laminate laser etched with an urban inspired repeating pattern. Formation was inspired by the graphic patterns found in urban architecture. Once etched, the surface has then been treated with hand-mixed screen printing pigment to add t Trendease International
American Supply Paris Fake leather with mirror effec Laï mirror is a fake leather with metalised, mirror effect, made of Polyester/Polyurethane. Smooth at first, when folded, the material gets a wrinkled, leather-like effect. The material comes on a rol with a width of 140 cm. MaterialDistrict
Ananas Anam Piñatex Piñatex is an innovative natural textile made from pineapple leaf fibre. The leaves are a by-product of the pineapple harvest, so no extra land, water, fertiliser or pesticides are required to produce the raw material. The pineapple leaves are gathered, d MaterialDistrict
Annabelle Gurney Wiggle Modules Knitted wiggle components that clip together with carabiners and magnets to make surface larger or smalller Colour Hive / Material Lab
Arun Sispal 2 HOURS A visual representation of the dispation of scent over a 24 hour period of time. Notes included Oakmoss, Agarwood and Dorinia Rose. If we were unable to smell, how could we experience and understand the complexity of scent through senses of touch and sigh Colour Hive / Material Lab
Ayana Charles Mathurin Ryd Music is the inspiration behind my work. I have woven frequency patterns and incorporated colour psychology to find the meaning of colours and what they represent, so I could use them to reflect why each song resonates with me. These patterns have been pr Trendease International
Bas Froon Micromoulded biocomposites Designer Bas Froon developed a micromoulding machine that makes it possible to locally change material qualities from a soft material into a strong and lightweight plastic. By doing this, he can keep the tactile qualities of the raw material, while giving MaterialDistrict
Caba Company Barkskin Barkskin is an organic, hand-pounded bark material which comes in several natural, and designer colours. A sturdy material, Barkskin is versatile in its uses and easy to apply. Due to the handmade nature of the product, each piece is unique. Each sheet ha MaterialDistrict
Casalis Architextiles – Cello This woven material combines wool and synthetics. The finely woven fabric offers good acoustic insulation. The material is available in nine colour variations: Anthracite, Beige, Black, Camel, Creme, Light Grey, Medium Grey, Navy and Taupe. MaterialDistrict
Charlotte Kidger  Small ridge  Small ridged texture, rich colouring, matt surface Colour Hive / Material Lab
Charlotte Wootten Chromatic layers Hand-dyed and layered laser-cut cloth. Finished with screen-printed puff binder to create interactive texture and a fun twist on a traditional process of silk-screen printing. Trendease International
Charlotte Wootten Intuitive pattern Hand-painted design sprinkled with salt to create a fluid pattern, which is then screen-printed onto cloth. Inspired by the irregular, calming patterns found in nature. Trendease International
Chemviron Flexzorb activated carbon clot Flexzorb is 100% activated carbon cloth and is more effective at adsorption compared to other carbon loaded materials which have a lower activated carbon content. The material is available in woven and knitted formats and can also be tailored by activity MaterialDistrict
Cove XL dots Jacquard double knit Colour Hive / Material Lab
CPALI Wild silk Wild silk is a non-woven fabric made from silk, using a no-kill method. CPALI works with two species of wild silk, both endemic to Madagascar: Antherina surka and Ceranchia apollina. In order to conserve native species, farmers learn to rear these moths w MaterialDistrict
Dagmar Kestner Black Silicone Surface Woven Silicone/Leather structure Colour Hive / Material Lab
Diane Bresson Screen Printed Wallpaper Screen printed wallpaper Colour Hive / Material Lab
Digital Ceramic Group 30cm digitally printed ceramic tile printed with patented toner technology (glass pigment in CMYK) Digital Laser printing to ceramic, porcelain and glass, kiln fired at high tempreratures for a permanent solution Trendease International
Dofine Force wallpaper Force wallpaper was inspired by various metals, such as blued steel, bronze, gold, and messing. The wallpaper is completely made by hand.  MaterialDistrict
Dukta sample 5 Acoustic absoption, flexibility, natural/wooden material, optics/semi-transparancy, room-climate regulation (moisture) Colour Hive / Material Lab
ECHO PANEL sample 4 Colour Hive / Material Lab
Edvek Wool wall The Wool Wall consists of balls of sheep’s wool in various sizes mounted onto a wooden panel, with an insulating layer of wool in between. The wall works acoustically, absorbing sounds and echoes. The standard size of the panel is 60 x 60 cm, but the wall MaterialDistrict
Eleanor Morgan sample 9 three dimensional designs was to create a relationship between the tactile and visual stimulation  Colour Hive / Material Lab
Encode Studio Parallel A modular wooden acoustic panelling system Colour Hive / Material Lab
ETTLIN Spinnerei und Weberei Produktions GmbH & CO. KG Ettlin Lux & Tec Ettlin Lux is a fabric that creates a 3D effect and visual depth in combination with LED light. The luminous structures are formed by interaction of the fabric with a point source of light situated behind the fabric. For viewers, each individual point of MaterialDistrict
Favini Paper Green Paper Made using process residue from organic products to replace up to 15% of virgin tree pulp. By- products from citrus fruits, grapes, cherries, lavender, corn, olives, coffee, kiwi fruits, hazelnuts and almonds are the raw materials that are saved from land Colour Hive / Material Lab
FeelingWood Denmark FeelingWood wood fibre insulat FeelingWood is dimensionally stabile and flexible insulation board made from FSC certified wood fibre. Wood fibre has naturally high heat storage capacity. The insulation provides a better indoor climate, and it absorbs, transports and emits moisture from MaterialDistrict
Findeisen Gmbh Finett Dimension Finett Dimension is a lightweight carpet tile featuring a wear layer made out of polyamide. The structure with a wear layer made of polyamide instead of the mixture of polypropylene and polyester makes the tile as wear-resistant as roll material. The tile MaterialDistrict
Frances Dove 3D Printed Lace 3D printed Lace on Net Colour Hive / Material Lab
Gaetan Bobichon Recycled plastic Upcycled Plastic Bottles Colour Hive / Material Lab
Geometrisk Interlocking panelling with embroidered geometric pattern Both this sample and my other work revolves around geometric patterns; these interlocking laser cut panels both host an intricate geometric surface pattern through the use of hand embroidery, and a geometric based construction. The hand embroidery boasts Colour Hive / Material Lab
Harim Harz Park Fish I Pink latex representing slippery fish skin, small fish scale patterns creating texture combined with digital print of concept based design on fur- attached by machine stitch Colour Hive / Material Lab
Haver & Boecker Architectural mesh The weaves and mesh types manufactured by Haver & Boecker for architectural applications. The choice of weft and warps, as well as the weave type, result in a wide range of mesh patterns, from a fine to a crude weave, each with specific look and light MaterialDistrict
Heather Davis Designs Emergence Experimental combined fabric surface Colour Hive / Material Lab
Heather Ratliff RHYTHMIC CHAMOMILE Inspired by nature's biophilic rhythms to evoke a sense of wellbeing in the surface texture of embroidery. Using all natural biodegradable fibres and yarns, working mindfully and sustainably. Colour Hive / Material Lab
Helen Paterson Laser cut and Needlefelted Latex Inspired by plant structures, surface and colour, This sample is made of natural latex and has been coloured using acrylic. It has needle-felted areas and has been laser cut to create an unusual contrast of pattern and texture. Colour Hive / Material Lab
Hempcrete ISO Hemp block Hempcrete or Hemplime is bio-composite material, a mixture of hemp hurds and lime used as a material for construction and insulation Colour Hive / Material Lab
Hiroki Furukawa PAPER SKIN "Threaded strings through small paper parts, sheet-like structure composed of edges of the paper. PAPER SKIN generates color waves due to the fluid movement of the edges of the paper. While it is‘just paper’, the structure acts and feels like the skin of Colour Hive / Material Lab
I-did Recycled textile felt In the Netherlands alone, consumers and businesses generate 240 million kilograms of textile waste. Of this, 130 million kilograms end up in normal waste streams. I-did celebrates the circularity of textile and uses discarded (work) clothing to create a f MaterialDistrict
Imogen Melissa Coral Gardens Part of a collection of samples inspired by the recent issue of coral bleaching where; I created my own embellishments which pushed the limits of embroidery. Colour Hive / Material Lab
IMPEX sample 3 Virtually unbreakable extruded polycarbonate sheet, very high impact strength, excellent optical properties, easy to fabricate, exceptional performance at low and high temperatures (-40°C to +120°C), excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties Colour Hive / Material Lab
Innerspace Cheshire Moss Decorative moss wall covering Colour Hive / Material Lab
Interface Drawn Lines Drawn Lines™ - The product’s design is influenced by the geometric patterns found in nature – fractals. Drawn Lines uses layered filament-fine marks in varying weights and rhythms to create a prismatic geometry in an array of scales. Subscribing to the ‘t Trendease International
Jack Newbury Fashion: Accessory / Apparel Finished Product Colour Hive / Material Lab
Jacob Monk Antara-Armour Woven Polyester and Antara yarn, heat set to finish to melt the fibres together and create a smooth print like surface and leather look that is water resistant, suitable for a range of applications. Trendease International
Jacob Monk Technical Scales This double cloth fabric woven with Polyester and glow in the dark Lurex has been laser etched to add extra pattern onto the surface without cutting through the fabric completely, keeping it practical for use and adding an additional look when the yarns i Trendease International
Johanna Samuelsson Surface Synergy textile Surface Synergy is an woven project by textile designer Johanna Samuelsson. Shrinking is used to transform the flat textile surface into a texturised one. There is an interwoven ability for shrinking; this action of transformation is planned at the same t MaterialDistrict
Jory Swart Hemp panels The hemp panels are the result of research looking for a way to replace wood and plastic. Hemp is a sustainable crop that can be harvested multiple times per year. Its fibres are the strongest natural fibres. The panels are lightweight and strong, made on MaterialDistrict
Josie Beevers Weave- for interior/exterior use Prototype Colour Hive / Material Lab
Kadisha McFarlane Sweetest Androgyny A double cloth swatch which represents the mixing of both genders. Colour Hive / Material Lab
Karuun Rattan Thanks to a patented process and new technology by Out for Space, the fast-growing rattan palm is transformed into an innovative wood material called Kuruun. Not only does it represent a sustainable alternative to conventional materials, helping to preser Colour Hive / Material Lab
kitty lambton sample 8 Colour Hive / Material Lab
Kuniko Maeda Paper sculptures Designer Kuniko Maeda uses paper carry bags as the main resource to make these paper sculptures. Instead of throwing them away, Maeda uses the paper to make works of art, applying the use of natural painting on paper through the examination of Japanese tr MaterialDistrict
Kvadrat AS Acoustic textile felt Acoustic Textile Felt is as sound absorbing as it is decorative. The felt material is made from end-of-life textiles and cut offs, with a soft feel and a reference to the tactility of textile. The material is made from wool or cotton, consisting of 70% te MaterialDistrict
Label/breed Wool & biobased plastic Carpet Designer Christien Meindertsma and natural fibre specialist Enkev have teamed up to create a material that combines the natural fibres of recycled wool with strong bioplastic fibres, making a new material that can be heat-pressed into various shapes. The MaterialDistrict
Laokoon Design Company Opulent wall covering Opulent is a wall covering with a 3D effect. Thanks to the thickened rows of lamellae, made from various materials. The lamellae can have various shapes and come in various colours and effects. They are also pliable and suitable for bent surfaces. The mat MaterialDistrict
Laura Trowsdale Digitally Printed Ombré Hand Woven Leno I This prototype fabric design incorporates a multidisciplinary approach to woven textiles combining traditional leno weave technique & digital dye sublimation print. All over gradations makes a mesmerising impact, playing on optical perceptions and intrigu Trendease International
Laura Ukstina From Memphis to Lego Laser cut , 3D Textiles Colour Hive / Material Lab
Laurent Peacock Design Piper Abstract patterned surface created by the semi-random packing of peppercorns Colour Hive / Material Lab
Lofec GmbH All-round heating The thin, electrical all-round heating panel allows temperature control and heating of surfaces and spaces with healthy and invisible radiant heat. The 0.5 mm thin heating trails are equipped with a dimensionally stable fabric surface and are powered with MaterialDistrict
Lucy Dennis Neon Pop The aim of this collection was to contemporise history, more specifically the 1920’s. By using the past to inform the future, this sample demonstrates certain aesthetics of that time, with a modern twist but more importantly, with a digital approach. The Trendease International
Lucy Paskell Orange 1 This embossed tactile sample is intended for interior use, either upholstery or wall panels, with the aim of making the viewer interact more with the space they are in through touch. Colour Hive / Material Lab
Made of Air Black Carbon Façade Elegant Embellishments, a Berlin based practice, states their mission is to help buildings perform environmentally and aesthetically. With this in mind their team have developed a cladding material called Made of Air. The material is formed by baking wast Colour Hive / Material Lab
Malai Design & Materials Malai biocomposite Malai is a flexible, biocomposite material made from organic bacterial cellulose, grown on agricultural waste sourced from the coconut industry in Southern India. The material has a feel comparable to leather or paper. It is water resistant and certified MaterialDistrict
Margaret van Bekkum Felt Designer Margaret van Bekkum uses felt to makes all sorts of designs. Some of her felts are made of unusual materials, such as copper, and camel and dog hair. Especially felting the latter is a challenge, as the hair has a different structure and has to b MaterialDistrict
Megan Scott-Jenner Patterns Of Venice Laser Cut sample, hand felted wool. Colour Hive / Material Lab
Megan Swancott Anthropocene 02 A look into what the future of our planet could look like in Trendease International
Metis Seagrass Blue Seagrass Surface Metis Seagrass produces rectangular panels using the seagrass Posidonia oceanica and 100% bio-based bonding materials. These panels can be used as wall coverings and due to their natural hue, they are very pleasing to the eye with a strong aesthetic appea Colour Hive / Material Lab
Meystyle Screen OLED wallpaper adds no thickness and is completely flexible. OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is an organic material-based surface light source. Among all high-efficiency/eco-friendly lighting sources, OLEDs have the closest spectral power distribution Trendease International
Mimai Lazulite Mirror Bespoke, handmade, unique,distinctive high quality surfaces for feature walls, different elements of furniture and various aspects of interiors. Our technique: Verre églomisé, from the French term ?meaning gilded glass, is a decorative technique in which Colour Hive / Material Lab
Mimai Lazulite Mirror Bespoke, handmade, unique,distinctive high quality surfaces for feature walls, different elements of furniture and various aspects of interiors. Our technique: Verre églomisé, from the French term ?meaning gilded glass, is a decorative technique in which Colour Hive / Material Lab
Mirrl White+Blue Mirrl Mirrl is a solid surface material, made using a process that involves producing multiple patterned layers of tinted resin in different tones or colours onto Birch plywood. Extremely durable and very adaptable, Mirrl works well in domestic and non domestic Colour Hive / Material Lab
Molly Henderson sample 7 An exploration into how a pattern and surface can be distorted by making three-dimensional materials integral to its structure. In this sample, make up sponges have been inserted into pockets and elastic has been embedded into the sample using the inlay t Colour Hive / Material Lab
Mushaboom Design™ Poster – Polymorph Collection Structural Printing™ - I am exploring creating dynamic fabrics that can be transformed through the possibilities of combining craft and industrial techniques. The Polymorph Collection™ brings innovation into digital printing through the creation of wove Trendease International
Mushaboom Design™ Signal – Polymorph Collection Structural Printing™ - I am exploring creating dynamic fabrics that can be transformed through the possibilities of combining craft and industrial techniques. The Polymorph Collection™ brings innovation into digital printing through the creation of wove Trendease International
Naomi Sussex Studio To light Uses traditional weaving techniques in a contemporary context by using a combination of monofilament and wood veneer strips, which when lit from behind take on a completely different form that gives the illusion of depth, highlighting the woodgrain surfac Colour Hive / Material Lab
Nathan Allan Crackle Glass Decorative Glass Colour Hive / Material Lab
Norafin Industries (Germany) GmbH Flax wallpaper Flax offers the opportunity to produce nonwovens with outstanding properties such as extreme tear-resistance, durability, and robustness at a relatively low production cost. This wallpaper high tear-and UV-resistance, a soft touch, as well as good insulat MaterialDistrict
NOTJUSTUSELESS Straws notjustuseless’ is not only a recycled, waterproof material, but also builds awareness and makes recycling more real and closer to the consumer society by encouraging people to follow and interact with the process Colour Hive / Material Lab
Object Carpet GmbH Freestile Venice Freestile is a carpet tile woven with a flat weaving technique gives the floor covering - for a carpet tile – a hard surface, yet still preserves all advantages of textile floor coverings with regard to comfort and health. The tile preserves the advantage MaterialDistrict
Olive Fortune Designs Dogs in space wallpaper characterful illustrations come to life through magets to encourage storytelling in a fun and innovative way Trendease International
Olive Fortune Designs Safari Magnetic Wallpaper Characterful illustrations come to life through magets to encourage storytelling in a fun and innovative way Trendease International
Olivia Dean Products in Process: Square Weave The form and function throughout this design is a result of my continuous experimental research into combinations of traditional materials and techniques. As a composer of playful material combination, I have an intuitive approach towards design which foc Trendease International
Organoid Technologies GmbH Kafee Kafee consists of coffee powder with bean relief structure on a carrier material. It has an intense fragrant of coffee. The thickness of coating is variable with a max. 2.0 mm. The carrier board consists of HPL 1.1 mm according to EN 438, and the size of MaterialDistrict
Orla Lawn Spelk Colour Hive / Material Lab
Pollyanna Booth Designs Sublimated Floral Chainmail Floral Digital design, sublimated on to perspex that has been laser cut in to circles. It was then fixed together with rose gold wire, to construct into chainmail. Trendease International
Poppy Pippin Moss Tiles Tiles that encourage moss growth to improve air quality in the urban environment by absorbing carbon dioxide. Colour Hive / Material Lab
Progetto Arte Poli Handblown Glass Handblown Glass Colour Hive / Material Lab
Qmilk Deutschland GmbH Qmilk felt Qmilk is made from milk proteins from non-food milk and renewable raw materials. The fibres are 100% natural, soft and smooth as silk and skin friendly. With a natural antibacterial effect, high hydrophilicity and thermo-bonding properties, they provide a MaterialDistrict
Rebecca Hempton Duomo, Gothic Facade, Lyme House DUOMO: Inspired by a visit to the Duomo in Milan, Ecclesiastical Buildings were the inspiration behind this range of samples. By drawing from different perspectives, this gives a more interesting aesthetic when the floorboards are slotted together. GOTHIC Trendease International
Robyn Nisbet sample 6 Colour Hive / Material Lab
Ronasha Tamang Prem These knitted fabrics consist of an innovative technical element. The engineered fabric structure is designed to increase airflow to maximise breathability. The lightweight properties of the fabric make it more comfortable to wear whilist the quality of t Colour Hive / Material Lab
Sace Components Corkleaf & Corkskin Corkleaf and Corkskin are both flexible, fabric-like, cork materials. By cutting and laminating with different backings, cork blocks are transformed into an extremely flexible and resistant product. The cork in sheets and rolls in various types give a nat MaterialDistrict
Sace Components Flexwood Flexwood is an ultra thin veneer especially designed for the footwear sector. The material is malleable, it can be shaped and bent. It can be treated with all types of glue, is water-resistant and easy to cut. The product has a thickness of 0.5-0.6 mm. Th MaterialDistrict
Sam Lander sample 2 Foam Surface Colour Hive / Material Lab
Sara Linke Lace & Latex Designer Sara Linke combines lace and latex to show off the aesthetics of latex. The material is made by covering or coating lace with liquid latex to create a closed fabric, so that the lace takes on the latex’ characteristic sheen. The lace can also be MaterialDistrict
SaXcell BV Saxcell SaXcell, an abbreviation of Saxion cellulose, is a regenerated virgin textile fibre made from chemically recycled domestic cotton waste. Recycled cotton fibres are chemically decoloured and made suitable for the wet spinning process. The end product of th MaterialDistrict
Sektre Causeway Causeway is a low cost acoustic treatment tile system, manufactured using recycled clothes. Porus parts of the tiles act to absorb sound, whereas harder areas act to deflect and diffuse sound that would otherwise reflect off a wall. The Causeway project w Colour Hive / Material Lab
Shahar Livne Design Lithoplast Colour Hive / Material Lab
Sheico Group Yulex neoprene Yulex is a neoprene material made from natural rubber that harvested from rubber trees. Yulex neoprene generates less CO2 during manufacturing compared to synthetic neoprene, but it has nearly identical physical performance in terms of tensile strength, t MaterialDistrict
Singtex S.Café coffee fabric S.Café is made from a combination of coffee grounds and polyester. In a low-temperature, high-pressure and energy saving process, the coffee grounds are combined with the polyester yarn surface, changing the characteristics of the filament and adding prop MaterialDistrict
Sophie Graney NA Hand woven lace using hand developed yarns made from up to 100 ends, PVC and tubing accompany this traditional technique exploring ideas of a modern contemporary lace. Colour Hive / Material Lab
Sophie Rowley Bahia Denim Bahia Denim, named after a Brazilian blue marble, is a material characterised by its visual illusion to marble. It is designed using production waste from the fashion industry. These textile offcuts are layered, adhered and carved to create intricate patt MaterialDistrict
Stuart Frederick sample 1 highly durable tactile textile for use in a commercial interior setting. Colour Hive / Material Lab
Sugo Cork Rugs Cork rugs These contemporary and functional design cork rugs are made of a combination of cork and natural fibres such as (recycled) cotton, linen, and wool. The rugs come in a variety of colours and with various patterns. The sizes can be custom ordered, with a m MaterialDistrict
Swisstulle AG Basalt knitted fabric Basalt knitted fabrics are made from stone fibre that is obtained from the volcanic Basalt. It has a melting point at 1450°C. The material is available in various knits and incombustible (A1 according to DIN 4102). The strength and elongation of basalt fi MaterialDistrict
Swisstulle AG Ultra thin tulle This ultra thin tulle (8 gr/m²), said to be the world's lightest and thinnest, is made in Switzerland with PA 6.6 monofibre. The material is developed for the fashion and lingerie market. The tulle is available in dyed and printed (digitally/transfer). De MaterialDistrict
Tactile Textiles Tactile textiles In collaboration with textile designer Lucy Simpson, Paula Nerlich developed these tactile textiles. The material consists of knitted fabric with silicone combined with melted fibres and paint applied in various patterns, creating a textured surface.  MaterialDistrict
Technowood Wood Façade acoustic absoption, flexibility, natural/wooden material, optics/semi-transparancy, room-climate regulation (moisture) Colour Hive / Material Lab
Tomasz Maker: Artist, Designer, Maker, Marbler Combed pattern Marbled Wood Trendease International
Tomasz Maker: Artist, Designer, Maker, Marbler Double Print, Combed and Spotted Gap pattern Marbled Wood Trendease International
Tomasz Maker: Artist, Designer, Maker, Marbler Peacock pattern Rippled Marbled Wood Trendease International
Tomasz Maker: Artist, Designer, Maker, Marbler Spotted pattern Marbled Wood Trendease International
Toni Packham Brighton Plastiglomerate This material was inspired by plastiglomerate, a plastic stone that has been discovered on the shorelines of Hawaii. Natural materials such as wood, shells and sand are joined together with melted plastic to form a stone like material. This Brighton versi Colour Hive / Material Lab
Trifilon AB BioForm BioForm is a natural fibre reinforced biocomposite designed to save weight while maintaining your product’s sound absorption, strength and durability. By incorporating thermoplastic binders, the material can be easily shaped into any form in conventional MaterialDistrict
Tsai-Chieh Lin Tsai-Chieh (Ievy) Lin Unexpected yet nice touch. Are you certain that what you see corresponds to how it feels? Tsai-Chieh questions pursues this contrast of sight and tactility by creating surprising tactile experiences, discovering people's expectations of materiality, and s Colour Hive / Material Lab
Versital Purple Solid Surface We offer a massive range of colours (around 100) with our most popular range being our true to life marble finishes. Offers the option of clients having a very realistic looking marble finish that is also waterproof and stain resistant. A lot of our cli Colour Hive / Material Lab
Wetzel GmbH PR12202-PR21548 These are examples of customized designs for embossing. Extremely detailed Trendease International
Yasmin Kiriscioglu Beaded plaster slab/dome/block/textured tile Long white slab with white beads/Pink dome with pink beads/White block with white beads/Textured tile with pink beads Trendease International
Youngye Cho movements 2 Colour Hive / Material Lab

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