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Technical Embroidery, A Versatile Opportunities for E-Textiles - Melanie Hoerr

Embroidery is a textile manufacturing technique that has its roots in historic hand stitched garment design. However, with the invention of computers, this textile manufacturing technique has seen resurgence do to its high levels of material optimization. Embroidery allows the textile engineer to place a single fiber or yarn with high precision in a variable, predesigned geometry. Because of this high precision, embroidery is highly applicable for technical application such as textile sensors, actuators or electrodes. There are three types of embroidery technologies that are commonly used and defined in literature. These include chain and moss stitch embroidery; standard embroidery; and tailored fiber, wire or tube placement. Each of these methods can be utilized in varying ways in order to create highly customized E-Textiles such as garments with integrated LEDs.
Melanie will show an overview of the technical embroidery techniques in her talk. She will also present a selection of application possibilities for each technology.

Speaker: Melanie Hoerr - Manager Technical Embroidery Application


Time: 10:30 Duration: 15 minutes


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