About MoOD


About MoOD

Who is exhibiting?

MoOD exhibitors are producers bringing upholstery, window and wall coverings for the residential and contract market. -We will also bring in new technologies that reveal the future of textiles. Think of LED, digital printing, E-embroidery, conductive inks, ...

Indigo Brussels exhibitors are home surface designers

MoOD Yarns groups yarn producers.

Who is visiting?

MoOD / Indigo Brussels visitors tend to be general managers and professionals in the fields of design and styling. Commercial reps often visit MoOD / Indigo Brussels, representing companies active as editeurs, wholesalers, retail agents, import/export companies, furniture manufacturers, in design, interior decoration and product development.

Exhibitors bringing upholstery fabrics remain the dominant focus. No less than 76% of visitors attend for this precise product group. Window decoration accounts for 50% of intended purchasing and 35% of visitors indicate that they come to the show specifically for wall coverings. The product range at MoOD reflects that exact ratio, and so it aligns perfectly with the visitors’ expectations and requirements.

Fifty per cent of MoOD / Indigo Brussels visitors is also interested in the offerings at Indigo Brussels; 25% will certainly also check out MoOD Yarns. Both figures show that both Indigo Brussels and MoOD Yarns create significant added value for visitors.

New trends and contract qualities are at the very top of visitors’ wish lists. The various projects and the product ranges of exhibitors satisfy this wish.


MoOD 2017

MoOD & Indigo Brussels 2017 will be taking place from September 6th until 8th at the halls of event location Tour & Taxis in Brussels. Both the choice for this new home and a the new boutique concept will be maintained for the upcoming events!

4 major focuses

MoOD remains the core event, and the Shell Boutique Stands will be maintained.

Indigo is joining MoOD seemlessly, the combination of both remains the perfect marriage.

MoOD Innovation:

  • The succesful Launchpad will be continued
  • The Innovation Platform in collaboration with our partners
  • NEW! Extra focus on New Materials

NEW! MoOD Tech, the place to be for:

  • The Digital Village
  • Companies, specialised in processes
  • Companies, specialised in services

Our commitments

The venue of Tour & Taxis was very well received amongst exhibitors and visitors. In the meanwhile, cooling is underway as Tour & Taxis have put their investment plans on the table for the installation of airconditioning facilities in the near future.

Signalization will be optimized and visitors will be smoothly directed towards the right entrance.

MoOD 2017 will be supported by an extensive and well-focused, in-depth media campaign.

Tour & Taxis


The 2016 experience


MoOD 2016 focused on experience:

  • The Innovation Platform was larger than ever.
  • The Launchpad, where designers and young companies can show their creations face-to-face, was succesfully expanded.
  • There was an overall focus on the latest trends.

More than 4.000 visitors felt immediately at home in this completely new setting.
And moreover, not less than 70% of the exhibitors gave the visitors a qualitative rating of 7/10 or higher.

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