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“Too few people are aware of the advantages of linen.” Pieter Deslee, Sofacover

21-08-2017 in Connect

“During my holidays I read ‘The Tesla revolution’, a confronting book that tell us how we are ravaging the earth. But it also tells that Germany will be getting 60% of its electrical energy from renewable resources within a few years. So that is uplifting news. My concern for our planet is one of the reasons I choose linen, each and every day.

because linen is part of the least polluting group of textile materials, along with hemp amongst others. Besides, linen is the most beautiful and most noble textile fibre out of the entire range. Still, too few people are aware of the advantages of linen.“ Our speaker is Pieter Deslee, owner of Sofacover, which was launched in 2000.

We do the spinning ourselves
Pieter Deslee: “The flax we process is grown locally in the North of Belgium. We also handle the spinning. Just by reducing the transport, we are producing in a more sustainable way than the average company. Spinning it ourselves provides additional advantages. One of those is that we have control over the quality of the yarns. We only spin large fibres, i.e. only the best quality. We do not use the short fibres.”

Editors in the US, France and Belgium
Sofacover produces for a niche market that appreciates the high quality and the craftsmanship that goes into creating the furniture covers. These are mostly editors from the US, England, France and Belgium, Germany, Italy, etc. It is remarkable that the Americans have an interest in the artisanal product. Pieter Deslee: “The US does not produce any flax, as the climate is unsuitable. Therefore the Americans have to turn to the French or Belgium markets. It is also considered a noble material in the US. The natural shine, the irregular fibres and the breathable qualities make linen unique. So unique in fact the luxury market is willing to pay extra for it.”

“The most beautiful colours can only obtained with linen.”
Pieter Deslee: “What strikes me every time I am working with colours, is that linen tints really well. Whichever colour you use, it looks richer compared to other materials. We mainly tint our fabrics in Belgium and Italy.”

“Linen can be recycled mechanically, but that happens too little.”
Pieter Deslee: “Linen has a strong fibre and is very well suited to be recycled. That still happens in very few cases. Most couches end up in landfill unfortunately. Luckily some are re-upholstered. Did you know that 50% of our market goes into re-upholstering? The advantage of a high quality fabric like ours, is that it usually ends up on some high quality piece of furniture.”

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