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PASSAGES – tomorrow’s new trends at MoOD & Indigo Brussels

09-05-2017 in Connect

PASSAGES is all about the effect of our nomadic lifestyle and the continuous transition in which we find ourselves. It’s about fluid times that are plainly fascinating. Because change is linked to challenges and astonishment. The theme has 4 key elements. We are happy to lift a veil for you.

Passages - Inspirations

(billboard Analogue)
For the first time we see a remarkable uprising in intermediate hues. Colours that arise from the mix of two other colours, like green and blue or purple and blue. Colours that refer to peace and quiet that do not start any discussion or polarisation.

Passages - Inspirations

Additionally we see a lot of colours that refer to humanity. With references to skin or the eyes for example. This is generally interpreted as an expression of the desire for more human compassion and putting mankind back at the centre of it all.

Passages - Inspirations

New are those colours that refer to the beauty in ugliness. In garbage for example, or in the play of colours of an old floor in a subway station. Sometimes even in the multicoloured plastic soup that litters our oceans.

Passages - Inspirations

But there is also room for a whiff of exotism and escapism with lots of colourful influences and cheerful chaotic colour pallets.

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