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MoOD & Indigo Brussels: The boutique show is a fact

16-09-2016 in Connect

MoOD & Indigo Brussels 2016 surprised exhibitors as well as visitors. The new location in Tour & Taxis turned out to be a brilliant move. The boutique show is a fact. Both visitors as well as exhibitors expressed their excitement about the new concept of the exhibition.

Uniform stands at Tour & Taxis live up to their task

The new urban venue Tour & Taxis involved a radical new stand concept. Smaller and more uniformity, but above all, more room for experience. And that was exactly what the organisation was aiming for. It turned out to be a calculated risk that primarily created new opportunities. Managing Director Patrick Geysels: “Change is taking risks. It is part of entrepreneurship. And we were aware of that, but we went all-in and created opportunities. We still had to convince a lot of companies to accept this change. But the reactions were already very positive during construction. The ‘boutique’ character we had envisioned was profoundly apparent. And the visitors also felt right at home. I am satisfied and I have a good feeling again about what the future will bring.”

Too hot… but cool times ahead!

At times it was quite hard to catch a cool breath of air during the three days of MoOD and Indigo Brussels, Brussels had to cope with an exceptional heatwave. But cooling is underway: Tour & Taxis have put their plans on the table as it comes to investing in air-conditioning facilities in the near future.

Producers are more focussed

This year the offer was again provided by producers who own their collections. The quality was good. This was reflected by the Blue Drop selection and awards. Niek De Prest, trend coach: “The entries were stronger than previous years. Exhibitors sent in less fabrics, but they were obviously of a higher level. The jury was unanimous about the nomination of the award winners. Creativity and technicity, two priorities for the selection, turned out to be quite complimentary this year. Noteworthy trends are heavier fabrics and more focussed collections. What I mean to say is that the exhibitors were more successful in creating a uniform image of their collections. Such focus can only be encouraged of course”.

Epic edition

In line with the trend theme EPIC, MoOD & Indigo Brussels were looking for more experience. The Blue Drop entries were given a stage in the three EPIC trend boxes. They were categorised based on the trend theme they were closest to.

Additionally, visitors could enjoy an Epic Journey through the inspiring history of the Wagons-Lits, also known as the Orient Express. Nowadays these trains are still a source of inspiration for writers, filmmakers, designers and artists. Lalique, one of the top designers from the 20th century was amongst those who designed wall coverings, upholstery and floor coverings for the Simplon-Orient Express. But above all, these luxury trains have changed the way we travel. They formed the basis and the origin of the first luxury hotels.

Modernisation and innovation

MoOD and Indigo Brussels have created the largest Innovation Platform ever this year. Many exhibitors and visitors were particularly interested in this. “The cross-pollination between MoOD, Indigo Brussels and the innovation is still working and better than ever,” according to Patrick Geysels. But we also had a fresh young wind blowing through the exhibition. This was the result of the Launch Pads, selected by Jennifer Castoldi. These starting entrepreneurs made their first introduction to the market at MoOD. Two times the number compared to last year. And what is most important, most of them went home with an assignment.

We will meet again on September 6, 7 and 8 in 2017, same dates, other days

Next year the show will run from Wednesday until Friday. We had to take in account the availability of the Sheds at Tour & Taxis and avoid overlap with other events.

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