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Blue Drop Award winners 2016

07-09-2016 in Connect

The Blue Drop Awards have been awarded on the second day of MoOD. Congratulations to the winners!

The Blue Drop exhibition  is an inspiring overview of the “best of the best” of what you can find at MoOD selected from creations submitted by exhibitors. Unique in its own way because it is the world’s only quality label of its kind for interior textiles. The Awards have been selected by a panel of professionals.

Blue Drop Best Contract

Mersem Tekstil
Without any doubt, the jury loved this fabric. Technologically it is a master piece. Its natural beauty is in the combination of technology, colour and the effect of the structure. For a complete overview inlcuding the nominees Big Impact BV and Algemene Two NV , To the Blue Drop page.

Blue Drop Best EPIC

Into C:D:C
INTO is young and bold and so is its creation. Metal like, shiny, looking robust and beautiful at the same time. For a complete overview inlcuding the nominees Libeco and Mersem Tekstil, click here.

Blue Drop Best Flukiness

Van Maele Weavers NV
This extreme fine eclectic weave uses copper and flax. The dominant colour is cobalt blue. The shiny effect and the rigid character make it very special. Anyone you hates window covering, will love this one. For a complete overview inlcuding the nominees Comersan and Dussk, click here.

Blue Drop Best Nearness

Vigano' S.p.A.

Fabric with a very high martindale of 100 000 rubs. The fine structure is created only in the warp. The trendy and beautiful color makes it a piece of art. For a complete overview inlcuding the nominees Sofacover Bvba & Imatex S.P.A., click here.

Blue Drop Best Wanderlust

B & T Textilia
Luxury of the golden accent is combined with the rough feeling of linen. It is a juxtaposition of poverty and richness that make this fabric epic. For a complete overview inlcuding the nominees Torri Lana 1885 srl & Dina/Vanelli Tekstil San. Tic.AS, click here.

Blue Drop Best Launch Pad

Drua Albrechtsen
Captured by Cable Couture Number 5 impressed the jury with its technique of extracting cable-knit structures and combining them with jacquard to create a 3D sculptural textile for luxury interiors. To the Blue Drop page. For a complete overview inlcuding the nominees Anudando S.A. de C.V., click here.




Images: Patrick Dekeyser.

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