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Axel Venn talks 'Inkarnat' colors

09-05-2017 in Connect

We asked the MoOD concertation members to pick their three favourite colors and tell us which trend will become the most influential. Axel Venn, Venn Textil Consulting Berlin, talks ‘Inkarnat Farben”.


Axel Venn: “I tried to pick ‘democratic’ colors. They are the result of a compromise. I will not pick colors that cross borders. I chose colors you can choose without consulting your partner.

I believe the times of to explicit individualism are over. And colors should be somewhere in the middle. Not extremely loud, nor extremely boring, but somewhere in between. I think we will look for colors that remain longer. That is why we create trends.“

We do not make them only for today, but also for the near future.  We need more social colors that are related to ‘Inkarnat Farben’.  Inkarnat is German for skin colors.
For light colors, like the blue of people’s eyes. Look at babies. They pinch with their fingers in their mother’s eyes and caress her cheeks. Men like this lightness. It is the clearest color choice one can make.

These colors are ‘Inkarnat’. You want to caress them. 

The colors I like, are the colors I like at that very moment. This is the reality. The moment of the question will determine my choice.

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