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5 trend watchers, 5 visions: 1/5 Marie Rouillon, Colour Hive / Mix Magazine

12-04-2017 in Connect

We asked five MoOD concertation members to pick their three favourite colours and tell us which trend will become the most influential. First interiview of five: Marie Rouillon, Trend & Colour consultant Colour Hive - Trends stylist MIX Magazine (UK)

You have made a personal selection of colours and I would like to know which ones you chose and why you chose them?

Marie: I picked three colours. A kind of warm pinky skin tone, a really dark navy blue (like almost like ink kind of navy blue) and then a white with a bit of a warm glow. A yellowish white, like paper white, but natural paper.

I think I picked  those because I wanted to look at really authentic colours. So I am really thinking paper, ink and skin.  A really human kind of palette that is putting the human at the centre of the discussion. And then I always like to have a really dark, a really light and a midtone because obviously with these 3 colours you can create an infinity of possibilities.

And it is this an actual choice at this moment or are these really colours that you have preferred for quite a while or maybe even since you were young?

Marie: No, I think there is a little bit of what is happening right now in it. I think there is a real interest in going back to our roots and kind of taking a break from the overwhelming technology and just focusing. There is real trend to the analogue. People want to read more books apparently at the moment, vinyls are coming back as well as camera film. I think that is really interesting. I am not saying that everyone wants that but there is definitely a type of consumers that are looking for an authentic kind of connection with the environments which is why I decided to go for something that is pure and natural.

I think you might have answered the third question already. But which of the themes you think are really going to be of a big influence in our industry in the future years or in the future months?

Marie: Sorry (laughs), I did answer that question a little bit. But yes the thing that is written to the analogue and pure and authentic connections to our environment is something that is really interesting to look at. It is not necessarily a global thing that everyone wants to do but I think that there is definitely a type of consumers that are after this type of thing. And personally I am a bit like that so I think it is also a personal choice.

Where do you see that type of consumers. Do they have a more urban profile?

Marie: I think it is urban and it is definitely European. There is a real sense of European high end consumers that are trying to focus on less. We want less and we do not want to overconsume like we have been doing over the last few years. It really is not about bling. It is about finding a new type of luxury in things that we potentially already have but we need to make them better. I think it is a very European mentality.

And very high end you said?

Marie: Well it can be both high and low end. But I really think this is the future of ‘luxury’. I do not want to use the word luxury because I think we kind of want to lose it. But it is about what the new ‘worth’ is going to be about. Focusing on values and authenticity and beautiful design, materials and colours.

You had this very interesting theme in your presentation which was in fact a bit about ugliness and the beauty within ugliness. What will be the role of beauty in the future?

Marie: Beauty is such a subjective topic. What is beauty to you is probably not the same as what it is to me. But as a designer and a materials expert I am always looking at finding unlikely beauty in unlikely things. As I was talking in my presentation about mold or condensation or even about the floor. If you look at the gritty floor of London you can find beauty and colour even there. And I think we need to look at different sources of inspiration all around us at all times. That is what keeps us and makes us human.

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