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Blue Drop Awards 2017, and the winners are...

07-09-2017 in Connect

The Blue Drop Awards have been awarded on the second day of MoOD. The Blue Drop exhibition  is an inspiring overview of the “best of the best” of what you can find at MoOD selected from creations submitted by exhibitors. Unique in its own way because it is the world’s only quality label of its kind for interior textiles. Congratulations to the winners!


Video: MoOD & Indigo Brussels 2017

06-09-2017 in Connect

Want to have an idea of what the MoOD and Indigo Brussels 2017 looks like? We made a small video report to give you an idea!


Almost showtime!

05-09-2017 in Connect

It's almost showtime at Tour & Taxis! From Wednesday 6 until Friday 8 September, MoOD & Indigo Brussels will be the European heart of the textile industry. At the boutique show you will be able to explore collections & materials, pattern & surface designs and the 2018/2019 trend story PASSAGES. Did you reserve your tickets yet?


Masters of Linen ambassador Pierre Frey: Is it wrinkled? No, it's living, that's what makes it chic.

28-08-2017 in Connect

Masters of Linen® Ambassadors endorse, via their international showrooms and communications, the quality and benefits of using linen with certified traceability: Masters of Linen is the internationally registered trademark and the traceability certification for linen 100% Made in Europe, from European Flax® fibre, to yarn, to fabric.


Flocart introduces the co-creation lab

21-08-2017 in Connect

Textile manufacturer Flocart has made a bold move in the past year: they established an open lab for textile professionals to create innovative wall coverings. Flocart Creation Lab is specifically aiming at co-creation. In other words, everybody is welcome in the studio. 


“Too few people are aware of the advantages of linen.” Pieter Deslee, Sofacover

21-08-2017 in Connect

“During my holidays I read ‘The Tesla revolution’, a confronting book that tell us how we are ravaging the earth. But it also tells that Germany will be getting 60% of its electrical energy from renewable resources within a few years. So that is uplifting news. My concern for our planet is one of the reasons I choose linen, each and every day.


Treniq’s Top Fabric Sellers

18-08-2017 in Connect

Fabric has been an integral part of everyday life since prehistoric times. With the advantage of flexibility, fabric serves a variety of purposes. On Treniq, you can find the finest in luxury fabric from designers across the globe. Carefully planned, curated and designed fabric made of the most excellent textiles are presented here. Take a look at some top suppliers.


MoOD partner Treniq: International Interiors Network

18-08-2017 in Connect

In a fast paced world where trends are changing everyday, technology is playing the biggest role: bringing us all together. True to this, the interior design industry is not very far behind. With this in mind, Treniq has set out to enable a well-connected interiors industry where you can discover design professionals, connect, build and own relationships with other professionals and trade using efficient tools.


Reliance introduces Recron® FS, the new brand for “enhanced safety in home furnishings”, at MoOD

27-07-2017 in Press Release

Recron® FS, the new-age fire-retardant solution from Reliance Industries Ltd., is being introduced at MoOD 2017 and this event will showcase the different features and applications in textile solutions that Recron® FS offers.


Exhibition experience with a real boost

19-07-2017 in Connect

MoOD & Indigo Brussels give your exhibition experience a real boost. Besides numerous warm contacts at the stands, you can get oxygen and energy for all your new plans and enjoy a nice break. Have a look at the map and discover the extended offer at MoOD / Indigo Brussels.


Luxury segment demands performance materials

17-07-2017 in Connect

B&T Textilia is a Flemish company which is known for their creations in flax and wool. The higher segment and editors in particular seem to find their way to this company. Without a doubt materials and design are crucial to them.


A game changer in faux leathers

17-07-2017 in Connect

Nachik Ltd is the Israeli company that has won the Blue Drop Innovation Award several times. They have returned to MoOD after a short absence. And they have again brought a great innovation.


Mass of new-old materials will force industry into braver choices

17-07-2017 in Connect

Material Lab claims to be ‘UK’s finest design resource studio and material lab’. The regular visitors of the lab mostly consist of architects and design studios. We asked Jim Biddulph which materials will control the future.


New curators for Inspiring MoOD Innovation Platform

03-07-2017 in Connect

The MoOD Innovation Platform - Shed 3BIS at Tour & Taxis - is not so much about being the most aesthetic, or about putting the most trendy product on display: it’s about what is most innovative in terms of technique, performance, use of new materials, intelligent materials and so on.


Embrace Market Evolutions at MoOD

03-07-2017 in Connect

MoOD understands the importance of staying on top of market changes and that the industries of upholstery, window and wallcoverings are undergoing some intriguing evolutions.  These new technologies, innovations, and talent can be found in Brussels during MoOD in collaboration with Trendease International, which has curated the MoOD Tech, MoOD Innovation, and Launch Pad areas to run alongside the long-standing MoOD exhibitors, experts in weaving and textile development.


MoOD and Indigo Brussels: a winning team

22-06-2017 in Press Release

From 6 until 8 September, MoOD and Indigo Brussels take place at Tour & Taxis. Why are both shows not to be missed? Find it out below!


Hélène Depraetere (Escolys): Innovating 'exponentially' requires openness & guts.

31-05-2017 in Connect

Like many of her peers, Hélène did not initially want to follow in her father’s footsteps. She decided to study Applied Economics at the Ghent University followed by Financial Management at the Vlerick Business School.


Jacopo Mazzola (Imatex): New opportunities hidden in details & materials.

31-05-2017 in Connect

Jacopo Mazzola is the 28 years old son of Giulia Fumagalli, CEO and owner of the Italian family business Imatex spa. As a professional golfer with an MBA in Marketing, Jacopo always had the possibility to join the family company but he did not do it. Two years ago, during the PGA TOUR Latin America season, he received a very important phone call from Giulia Fumagalli. She asked him to join the family business.


Milou Ket talks colour inspiration


We asked the MoOD concertation members to pick their three favourite colors and tell us which trend will become the most influential. Nature is calling! 


Discover what will happen at Mood / Indigo Brussels 2017

09-05-2017 in Connect

On Wednesday 6, Thursday 7 and Friday 8 September the focus on experience will be continued with MoOD, Indigo Brussels, MoOD Innovation, MoOD Tech and the 18/19 trend story. Join us at Tour & Taxis, Brussels!


PASSAGES – tomorrow’s new trends at MoOD & Indigo Brussels

09-05-2017 in Connect

PASSAGES is all about the effect of our nomadic lifestyle and the continuous transition in which we find ourselves. It’s about fluid times that are plainly fascinating. Because change is linked to challenges and astonishment. The theme has 4 key elements. We are happy to lift a veil for you.

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