Material Overview 2017

Cork'n Roll Fabric - PEAR DISCONECT 04.03A EF

Lightness and comfort in a product comming from the florest. It joins design with the legendary natural features of the Cork, unmatched by any other material: softness, thermal and acoustic insulation, lightness, impermeability, flexibility and unique to


Rua Nova do Lameiro, 184
4535 - 489 S. Paio de Oleiros - Feira

Contact person
Albertino Oliveira

Status: Finished product
Usage: Upholstery, Furniture, Decoration, Wall Coverings, Fashion, Footwear, Bags & Accessories
Material: Top: 100% Cork. Backing support: 100% Polyester in a thin polished mesh reinforcement material, good flexibility, soft touch (“velvet” like)
Finishing: water based
nabrasion: Standard ISO 5470-251400: 51200 cycles (Martindale)
Flammability: Standard EN 1021-1: 2006. Burning Behaviour (ignition source: smouldering cigarette) = Not Ignite. / Standard EN 1021-2: 2006. Burning Behaviour (ignition source: 1-butane gas flame) = Not Ignite
Lightfastness: Light fastness (according to ISO 105 B02): grade >6
Waterresistance: Yes
Ecolabel: FSC® product available by request

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