Material Overview 2016

Also in 2017 the MoOD Innovation Sample Bank will be presenting high tech materials as well as materials used in an innovative way. All of which can find their use in upholstery, window and wall covering. The accent is on textiles but other materials are taken into account as well.

It's not about the most aesthetic
MoOD Innovation Platform is not so much about being the most aesthetic, or about putting the most trendy product on display: it’s about what is most innovative in terms of technique, performance, use of new materials, intelligent materials and so on.

The MoOD Innovation Platform for 2016 partners were:
matériO Belgium
Trendease International
Colour Hive
Masters of Linen

MoOD Innovation Platform

Sample Company Sample name Description Partner
ACM Coatings Superblack Superblack coatings and foils are made to absorb as much light as possible with a minimum of light reflection. These 3 sheets (Metal Velvet, Spectral Black and Maxi Black) all differ in terms of spectral absorption and application. Materia
Alexandra Lucas Radiation Layer of the Mars Exploration Suit The radiation layer is one of six protective layers on the Mars Exploration Suit, as part of the The Mars Odyssey project (TMO). When a layer is no longer needed, it could be taken off and would reveal the next layer of the space suit. Over time, the Mars Colour Hive
Alsa Corp. Europe Dichroic-Fabrics Textile with dichroic effects. Alsa's Dichroic-Fabrics combine the looks of colored chrome and the mesmerizing effect of a TRUE chameleon color change. materio Belgium
AMOHR Technische Textilien Elastic Conductive T Conductive tapes are used in all kinds of smart textiles, but the metal wires are not elastic. So to make elastic conductive tapes, you have to innovate. The metal wires in these tapes are stitched in a curved configuration so they are able to follow the Materia
AMOHR Technische Textilien New Conductive Tape AMOHR make conductive tapes, insulated or not, that are chosen according to the required conductivity for each project. The conductive textile of AMOHR are available in narrow fabrics up to 750mm in width with the following performance: elastic, non-elast Materia
AMOHR Technische Textilien Textile Sensor This strip can be put in a hospital bed on a strategic place. When pressed, a loud sound is heard as a warning, to prevent patients climbing out the bed and wander the halls.The device can be placed disconnected with the strip itself on any hidden place s Materia
Anna Eve Finch Newspaper: Wood (Resin) Made from discarded 'metro' newspapers the paper effectively travels full circle and becomes wood again, celebrating the beauty of the material's natural resource. Beautiful wood grain like textures are organically created from the individual laminated ne Colour Hive
Anna Helgesson Constructing Reality, Piece Two, Yellow What is reality? What do we see and to what extent do factors such as norms, aesthetic standards, and inherited knowledge affect how we are influenced by objects and design? Are our eyes and minds reliable at all times, and what happens when one is trick Colour Hive
Anne-Sophie Muller Géométrie rythmique à REFAIRE : Ma recherche textile questionne la découpe. L'ensemble de ma recherche utilise le principe d'imbrication de matière. Attirée par la régularité qu'offre la géométrie, je cherche à développer des compositions ou formes, couleurs et rythmes font materio Belgium
Apilada Vorachart Cornspan Using corn husk fibres to manufacture panels that can be use in construction for sound and thermal insulation. Charcoal from corn cobs can be added to give smell and moisture absorption qualities. The making process inspired by local lifestyle and traditi Colour Hive
APLIX Aplix N32 Lightweight Knit loop laminated onto a carrier to be integrated on the back of (carpet) tiles, carpet or flooring or wall panels. Extruded self adhesive hook tape, to fix (carpet) tiles, tiles, carpet or flooring or wall panels. (Hook also available non materio Belgium
Architects Paper LED Wallpaper LED wallpaper opens up new possibilities to illuminate rooms: Dimmed, enigmatic light that barely reveals where it comes from, or a vibrant metropolitan atmosphere are just a few options. LED wallpaper can be hung in any number of strips and lengths accor Materia
Arun Sispal 2x2 silver with pink inlay duplicate Tiles Trendease International
Arun Sispal TRAY'. Black with silver, pink and copper inlay Display / functional object Trendease International
Aspen Aerogels Pyrogel Pyrogel materials are flexible insulation blankets made of nano-porous aerogel and re-inforced with a non-woven carbon and glassfibre batting. The material has extreme low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, good flexibility, and the ease o Materia
Atelier Maury Lacquer painted on linen or cotton canvas which allows to create authentic decors, restoring the richness and nobility of antique lacquer. As a flexible base is used, once applied and dried the lacquer can create cracks which, surprisingly, bring interest materio Belgium
Barbara Medo Textiles ‘INSECTED’ This textile by designer Barbara Medo is inspired by skeletal structure of dragonfly wings. The material consists of a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with a core of polyester. This yarn is knitted by hand or by machine. The whole is placed under tensio Materia
Binder Benelux bvba Duotec Duotec is a single component fastening system with a mushroom-shaped structure that fastens with a click-lock action. It ensures invisible and repositionable fastening of components, façade elements etc. Tensile disengagement varies between 30 and 35 N/cm Materia
Bluedec Bluedec Bluedec is a flexible, nanoporous aerogel blanket insulation that insulates against heat and cold 2 to 8 times better than any other conventional insulation material. Because it is so thin it can also be used in difficult places. Materia
Bodet & Horst GmbH & Co.KG Bielastic Comfort Streeetch This fabric offers excellent bi-elastic properties. The easy-care fabric convinces with its high functionality: it can be stretched both in longitudinal and transverse direction so that it adapts optimally to the body lying, thus enhancing the properties materio Belgium
Buxkin BV Buxkin 3D recycled leather for interior design. The salvaged leather is shredded, mixed with latex and then combined with an acoustic backing. Since leather is a naturally warm and dirt resistant material, with good acoustic, it is an excellent product for both materio Belgium
Calico Wallpaper Plateau Custom Wallcovering Colour Hive
Carpet Sign Beaufort outdoor rug Colour Hive
Carpet Sign Cameleon colour degrade Colour Hive
ChameleonLAB Chameleon Satin Dich The multilayered polymeric Chameleon film has a very elaborate colour changing effect. With the Satin Dichroic Film, the reflection of the colours is less intense, thanks to a laminated satin film. Application of the film onto glass creates a satin look t Materia
Changing The Face of Composites 3D Composites Composites are made for lightweight and strong constructions and are a mix of fibers and resin. Aestetica 3D is a way to put colour, texture and depth onto the surfaces in the same manufacturing process. Carbon is lighter and stronger than glass so where Materia
Changing The Face of Composites Aestetica This material `Aestetica` is a novel way to put colour, texture and depth onto the surfaces of composites in the same manufacturing process. Carbon is lighter and stronger than glass, so where weight needs to be the minimum this is the backing to use with Materia
Charlie Mitchell Textile Design Denim Treasure, Breach Featuring hand selectedsecondary sourced denim, annalysis of strengths and weaknesses work in hand with colour and surface techniques. Hand Embroidered metallics fragments, directionally placed resist processes providing structure support to delicate drea Trendease International
Charlie Mitchell Textile Design Denim Treasure, Extremity Layering structural and colour extraction processes inspired by a collective of ageing urban surfaces. Secondary sourced denim is individually hand tested for its furthest depths to extend existence as a fashion fabric sustainably Trendease International
Christian Fischbacher B.V. Benu Flock 14214 Benu Flock is a flocked, floral design that is a cool nod to the recycled concept of our Benu Recycled Collection. Colour Hive
Coopérative des Eleveurs d’Orylag C.E.O Orylag Exceptional fur. Orylag was born after more than 15 years of research and development at the French National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA). Orylag is a new species of rabbit with a natural genetic mutation. It requires very specific livestock fa materio Belgium
Cravt Original Luxurious Leather Leather is beautiful in its natural appearance, but this leather has been processed in various ways to give it an extra luxury touch. These processes include colouring, print, laser cutting, perforating or adding golden and metallic pigments. This collect Materia
Cuirs du Futur Magisco Natural Stretchable Leather Combination between the tactil properties and aesthetic of the leather and the recoverable stretch performance of the Lycra. While leather has a certain amount of built-in stretch , it has no memory, so it tends to lose shapes materio Belgium
Danzer Deutschland 3D Veneer Materia
Denimx Denimx Discarded textiles represent little value for the fashion industry: upgrading these once-wasteful textiles into functional products is a process we call upcycling. The process is as simple as it is ingenious: the DenimX recipe combines recycled jeans fibe Materia
DesleeClama Biaxial The generous stretch of the Biaxial mattress fabrics is not only perfect for ergonomic sleeping solutions, it also makes quilting unnecessary. What’s more, Biaxials’ extreme flexibility also allows you to create new looks and cover complex matress shapes. materio Belgium
DesleeClama Double Sided Double Sided is an innovative range of knitted fabrics that can be used on either side. This makes it possible to create two totally different product with one and the same fabric. Combine two designs of your choice or add different functions on either si materio Belgium
DesleeClama Sounds absorbing Sound Absorbing upholstery fabrics neutralize annoying sounds and noises in sleeping environment. Its efficiency has been scientifically proven. DesleeClama’s Sound Absorbing fabrics are true to their name. They absorb sounds cross a wide range of frequen materio Belgium
Dickson-Constant Be Tweed The weaved vinyl floor covering, nontoxic certified, is a stratification of several materials with many properties. It guarantees a pleasurable comfort due to the texture of its nonslip and rot-proof surface, easily cleanable, and to a high acoustic and t materio Belgium
Dickson-Constant Chartres From the SUNBRELLA® collection materio Belgium
Dream Glass, S.L Dreamglass DreamGlass®, an electrical sensitive intelligent product, can be switched from an ordinary transparent glass to a milky white translucent glass, granting you an instant privacy while protecting you from UV rays. DreamGlass® can be controlled by: A Materia
Dupont Agencies Virando Polyuréthane on non-weaving. Leather aspect, really soft. The surface changse of color with pressure and warmth. materio Belgium
E Leather A high performance man-made alternative to traditional leather and fabric. This composition leather is made with natural leather fibres and water. That's all. A process that creates a product practically indistiguishable from pigmented leather, but up to materio Belgium
ECCO Leather Kromatafor This dynamic Kromatafor tanning process produces a color-shifting leather. Triggered through temperature change, the intense surface hues morph and crossfade when exposed to either direct or indirect temperature variation. This is not a surface-only prism Materia
Eleanor Nixon-Hill Designs In at the Deep End- Windows This piece has gone through several stages I start by using a variety of materials including silks, satins and chiffons. Then using my base imagery I create laser cut pieces to layer together. By doing this it creates different patterns and depth. These a Trendease International
Emma Rose Blossoming Ply Trendease International
Emma Rose Closing In Trendease International
Emma Rose Dry Leaves Trendease International
Emma Rose Forget-me-not Trendease International
Emma Rose Indigo Corn Fields Trendease International
Emma Rose Indigo Kiwi Trendease International
Emma Rose Nightfall Trendease International
Enkev Recycled Plastic Akwamat allows for natural ventilation of your mattresses and cushions, and prevents moist and mould. Enkev’s Akwamat can be used for boats, caravans, holiday homes and any other place where ventilation doesn’t occur naturally. Materia
FIB&CO SAS Green Blade Decorative banana fibre veneer sheets. Green Blade is a natural, handmade, decorative veneer, composed of 100% banana fibres. As a product of integrated farming, the trunks of banana plants are cultivated and transformed on their site in Martinique. Thank materio Belgium
Flaxcomposites Flaxcomposites These lightweight composites are made of flax and biobased resin. It is partly biobased polyester and full biobased PLA (Polylactic Acid). Flaxcomposites blends PLA natural resin with natural linen (flax) yarns to obtain a meltable flexible thick sheet th Materia
Floor van Doremalen Nodo blue Thick yarns 3D knotted fabric Trendease International
Floor van Doremalen Solmu black Thick yarns 3D knotted fabric Trendease International
Foglizzo Foglizzo Folds Foglizzo Folds is a collection of pleated leather developed by Pinaki Studios. The hides are folded into intricate paper moulds that were designed and made by hand, and which follow patterns that borrow inspiration from traditional pleating techniques. Th Materia
Forster Rohner Illuminated Textiles E-broidery is a new dimension in the design of textile surfaces by active lighting. The e-broidery technology allows the integration of active lighting into fabrics without compromising the textile properties such as washability and drapability. The texti Materia
Fraunhofer-Institut für Umwelt-, Sicherheits- und Energietechnik UMSICHT Q-TE-C Q-TE-C is a swellable polymer for sealing purposes. The material can be designed to the special needs of the customers. Tailormade profiles are possible as well as injection moulded products or foils. The material can be delivered in different colours and Materia
Futura Leathers Spa Squash This looks like heavily embossed leather but the design is applied by means of serigraphing the leather which is then raised by means of vacuum suction.The technology to do this on full hides is exclusive to Futura Leathers. The leather is available in 5 Materia
Future-Shape GmbH Navi Floor NaviFloor® provides a way of placing invisible landmarks on a floor using RFID tags. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. Materia
Gaetano Rossini Spa 3D Textiles by Gaeta These tridimensional woven garments and fabrics are for cars, furnishing and fashion. The latter is a fabric built on specific characteristics such as size, height and thickness. 3D fabric has the ability to be variable in thickness and softness. All the Materia
Georgia Cleeves Perspective: Knitted and Printed fabric design This sample explores the technical and aesthetic effect of printing my own digital photography onto different knitted fibres such as viscose and polyester, to give the craft of knit a contemporary edge. Trendease International
Gerriets/Epigone A thin metallic layer is applied on a plastic film to make it reflective (opaque or transparent). Composed of PVC (94,3%) and polyester (5,7%), it has the advantage to be flexible and very easily adjustable. Often used in stage effects or events, this fil materio Belgium
Hosoo Kyoto Yoroke A washi paper coated with lacquer, then finely cut as thin stripes and then woven with silk... A luxurious textile, silky and intriguying! Same can be done with gold or silver leaves instead of the lacquered coating. Waterproof! materio Belgium
InnTex Double face Fabric made of stainless steel and polyester. Double Face has stainless steel fibers on one side and polyester on the other side for wonderful transparency effects. It can be used for curtains, decoration of shops and fashion. materio Belgium
InnTex Dream / in fusion Metallic very light fabric, Wire diameters range from 35 to 120 microns. In some cases it is possible to have warp insertions of different materials in the fabric, like a small diameter tube, a knitted tubular fabric, an electric wire. materio Belgium
Jacky Puzey Embroidery Embroidered Urban Fox Wallpaper This embroidered wallpaper is developed as an innovative combination of embroidery, hand drawings, digital print and paper, to create unique wallpaper surfaces for interiors. I tested and worked in my digital embroidery programme to create a way of stitch Trendease International
Jaeger Elast Hydro 26640 Hydrophobic elastic straps. Specialised in the supply of elements for footwear and leather goods, this company offers, among other things, completely water-repellent tape, straps and other elastic products. Water forms beads and slides over the material w materio Belgium
Jef Montes Soluble Textile This soluble textile was specially developed by Dutch fashion designer Jef Montes as a spectacular opening piece on the runway. The model threw a drenched cloth around her shoulders, at which point the dress she was wearing began to dissolve and melt down Materia
Jersey Lomellina S.p.A. Glitter The glossy look of Glitter recalls polished metal. The very flat and two-way stretch fabric perfectly follows the shapes it covers. Glitter is stainproof, breathable, and ultrachlorine and pilling resistant. Furthermore, the fabric (80% Polyamide, 20% Ela Materia
Ji Chen Moving Rhythm Colour Hive
Johanna Samuelsson Surface Synergy - Herringbone Woven 3D texture merged with pattern Trendease International
Johanna Samuelsson Surface Synergy - Stripe Woven 3D texture merged with pattern Trendease International
JRC Reflex Piqué Stretch Microscopic glass beads materio Belgium
Katie Gillies Surface Design Fused Jesmonite 2 different Jesmonites fused together to create one piece. This prototype can be made into any thickness and size. Durable in intertior and exterior conditions. Colour Hive
Kova Textiles Futura / Winter / Kira The KOVA for Bendheim Collection is the latest addition to Bendheim’s extensive selection of safety laminated decorative architectural glass. This exclusive collection is the result of the collaboration between Bendheim and KOVA Textiles, renowned for its materio Belgium
Kvadrat Revive 2 Revive 1+2 are vibrant upholstery textiles designed by Georgina Wright. Both are made from post-consumer recycled polyester (PET) and are especially created with a focus to reduce the environmental impact both in production and natural resources. The PET materio Belgium
Langendorf Textil GmbH & Co. KG Langotec Langotec is made of c-glass, e-glass, aramide, silicate and carbon. It can be produced in dimensionally-stable sleeves and tapes. Lango®tube is a braided and woven sleeve for various reinforcement and insulation applications. Materia
Lineo FlaxTape FlaxTape is a brand of patented tapes of unidirectional flax fibers. The material can be used in all conventional processes to produce composite parts. It is suitable for processes such as infusion, RTM, film stacking and prepreg. Materia
Little Dandelion K1S1 Extreme Knitting Yarn A unique premium felted woollen yarn specifically designed for high end interior applications. The yarn possess a clever and innovative combination of extreme scale with a high degree of functionality and resilience whilst mainting a soft and luxuriuos ha Colour Hive
Liz Ramsay Lotus Unique, high definition raised-surface (alto-rilievo) fabric created with 100% natural fibres. Usually, synthetics would have to be employed to create a cloth with such a defined profile. Careful hand-finishing reveals the ridges and furrows built into th Colour Hive
Lucie Richard Marqueterie de paille (point de Hongrie) support en MDF, plaqué en marqueterie de paille (technique du point de Hongrie) Colour Hive
LumiGram SARL LumiGram LumiGram is a French luxury fashion accessories, clothes and decoration items designer. The Luminous Fabric, based on Fiber Optics, emits a colored light along the full length of the fibers, producing a luminous effect. Materia
Made by Manos Bone China Foam, Amoeba Disc & Honeycomb Colour Hive
Maharam Summer Hours In Kensington by Jean Nouvel Scarlet illuminations of children at play evoke summer days against the verdant backdrop of London's Kensington Gardens in this toile-de-jouy-like montage by Jean Nouvel. Colour Hive
Manborui Shape memory polymer SMP material is made of shape memory polymers. These smart materials can return from a deformed state to their original shape when induced by a temperature change. It can store embossed logo/text shape information in the synthetic, paper-like film and rel Materia
Manuela Menzi Latex Ribbon 201601 Referencing human organs, a traditional hand knit piece features a classic ribbon and contemporary latex fabric Trendease International
Manuela Menzi Liquid Latex 201601 Referencing skin and hair,technical knitting patterns are emulated through three-dimensional latex protrusions Trendease International
MATSUI INTERNATIONAL AROMA AQ Aroma granule Aqualite Ink is a water-based microencapsulated scented ink. The coating is used for screen-printing and dye applications onto textiles. A proprietary microencapsulation process allows for long-lasting aromatic stability. Twenty fragrances a Materia
MATSUI INTERNATIONAL Photopia®AQ Ink Organic photochromic colourant that changes colour reversibly and repeatedly. Available in three reversible colours: yellow, purple and blue. The colours are activated when exposed to the sun or other ultraviolet light sources and then change from clear t Materia
Meystyle Ghost Mosaic LED wallpaper Trendease International
Mikabarr Folding A-Part A polymer material printed on a variety of fabrics, which allows 3D folds, creases and effects. The material folds according to the printed pattern. The light, elastic textiles are combined with a proprietary material that indicates and follows the nature Materia
Mindsets (UK) Ltd Autoheal A clear tape which adheres and bonds to itself. It has the remarkable advantage of self-healing when damaged. The is made of a proprietary silicon polymer. The Autoheal material comes either as a small piece of approximately 150mm length, or in metre leng Materia
Mindsets (UK) Ltd Electronylon A high-strength, rip-stop, conductive nylon. A copper coating over nylon micro-fibres gives it conductivity and an overall copper appearance. Its electrical resistance is 0 ? per 100mm measured on a 25mm wide strip. Materia
Mindsets (UK) Ltd Glow in the Dark Fil Glow in the Dark Film is a flexible, three-layered film made of special PVC resins and Glow in the Dark Powder (TAT 33). This film can be charged by any source of light, including a standard lamp, and glows for 10 hours following. With a yellowish-white c Materia
Mindsets (UK) Ltd Thermochromic film Thermochromic film is a sheet material printed with a thermochromic liquid crystal ink. The film is normally black but changes colours through the visible spectrum to a bright green/blue when heated to a temperature above 27°C. As the material cools, the Materia
Mirjam Hemström Woven Air, Cubic Colorized Four layers cloth, plain weave Colour Hive
MMD - produit : DenimX Denim X After four years of research, renowned Dutch designer Marc Meijers discovered a spectacular way to make textile waste streams circular and process them into a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. With his new concept DenimX he creates high-quality materio Belgium
Moore & Giles, Inc. Mojave leather The leather is embossed and etched to create patterns that remind of delicate lace with floral or organic patterns. The designs of both the Mojave Brussels and the Mojave Moroccan Lace collections are carefully etched into a hair-on-hide surface. Coordina Materia
Mymantra Ligneah These thin sheets of wood are bonded to a fabric and then micro laser etched, which gives it the impressive pliability it boasts. It is Eco-friendly, biodegradable, cruelty free and natural. The uses are endless, because everything that can be made from a Materia
NUCAP Industries GRIP Metal™ The GRIP Metal material is trademarked, thin gauge sheet metal with thousands of mechanically extruded hooks which allow mechanical bonding to nearly any other material. The hooks grip onto other surfaces, allowing for high strength-to-weight composite ma Materia
Olivia Aspinall Studio Chip, Colourway - Rebbe Hand made surface Colour Hive
Olmec Advanced Materials Ltd Electroluminescent P Electroluminescent Parallel Panels are made of a multi layer material containing fluorescent dyes, dispersed in a binder with a high electrical constant. The brightness of the light increases as voltage or frequency increase. The panels are paper thin, ke Materia
Olmec Advanced Materials Ltd Electroluminescent W Electroluminescent wire (often abbreviated to EL wire) is a thin copper wire coated in a phosphor which glows when an alternating current is applied to it. The EL wire is lightweight and flexible, has low energy consumption, and can provide 360 degrees of Materia
Orla Lawn Blue Twill This piece combines casting and construction techniques with traditional weave processes and structures, to create a hybrid architectural textile. Colour Hive
Phoebe Edwards Breathable Passive Focuses on an innovative way of approaching stereotypical breathable sportswear fabrics. Using dissolvable yarn to create desirable pores in a cleverly designed pattern, the fabric allows heat loss to travel through selected areas. The fabric also uses a Trendease International
Phoebe Edwards Breathable passive Colour Hive
Polly Mae Redfern Maize Composite Composite material Trendease International
Pressless GMBH Flex A 3D textile extremely-flexible with a thickness up to 60 mm / Fabric with an open surface for assuring a flow of optimal air and a good pressure distribution materio Belgium
Procedes Chenel Smoke out Smoke out is a knitted textile made of Trevira CS polyester fire resistant M1, B1, Class 1. NFPA 701. The melting lines every 30 cm provide the automatic opening in case of fire. Availble in white, charcoal grey, light grey and black in 2,8 m wide. Materia
PRODOTTI ALFA SPA CORIUM ® Bonded Leather, 100% made in Italy, 100% Eco-Friendly materio Belgium
REused Reused Materials These carpets are all made by hand from recycled materials in India. Used inner tube rubber from bicycles, cotton strands made of old cloths or old t-shirts, and other remnants of the textile industry are combined with other materials. These rugs are avai Materia
Rhianne Lauren Goldie Fading Scratches The printed texture will disappear with heat. Trendease International
Rhianne Lauren Goldie Iridescent Scales All over patten which changes colour from a dark purpley-turquiose to bright turquoise with heat. Trendease International
Rhianne Lauren Goldie Textural Scales Lime green and lilac turn turquoise with heat. Trendease International
Rose Maddison Plastic pleating Stretchy restrictive sample. My research began by looking at bones, muscle structures, ligaments and tendons - the internal structure of the body being to me, a natural starting point when These materials are inherently tactile and intended to be touched Colour Hive
Sabatina Leccia Painting Embroidery Sample It’s a new way to do embroidery. I have a contemporary and artistic approach of embroidery. I do it without any sketches in order to give an important place to the unexpected and the intuition in my work. All my embroidery is handmade and intuitive. I lik Colour Hive
Sedacor JPSCORK Group Cork Fabric As a material, cork is naturally light, flexible, sound and thermally insulating thanks to the honeycomb structure of its cells. These natural properties are now reinforced in Cork'n Roll products with new performance advantages including: abrasion, mecha Materia
Sharklet Technologies, Inc. Sharklet safetouch Sharklet is a non-toxic surface material used to control the growth of bacteria by 80%. It is comprised of millions of raised, microscopic features arranged in distinct diamond shapes to form a pattern. Inspired by the microbe-resistant properties of shar Materia
STUDIO ELISA STROZYK D Y E D - W O O D E N - T E X T I L E S "Wooden Textiles" is a material that is half wood-half textile, between hard and soft, challenging what can be expected from a material or category. It looks and smells familiar but feels strange, as it is able to move and form in unexpected ways. For thi materio Belgium
Studio Lamb Flexible Transparency A careful selected fabric base has been manipulated with an 8-layered screen printed Flock FL (Puff Binder) print, which has then been set by applying large amounts of heat and pressure. The development is continued by applying resin to the material. Once Trendease International
Studio Lamb Phosphorescence A hand dyed silk twill fabric base has been screen printed with a 2 layer print. First a gloss paste has been applied giving the print a shine and tactile response. Finally another composition has been applied through a screen with photoluminescent resin Trendease International
Studio Mae Engelgeer Textiles by Mae Enge Reintroducing often forgotten weaving techniques, textile designer Mae Engelgeers’ aesthetic is fresh, light and versatile. This MOD collection is a minimalistic and modern textile collection with graphic patterns, line play and subtle gradients. The coll Materia
Studio T:W:O One of Four Colour Hive
Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven Palmleather Palmleather is a material innovation by Dutch designer Tjeerd Veenhoven that makes use of leaves from the Areca Betel Nut Palm. Offering a viable alternative to animal-based leathers, palmleather can be produced with far less pollution than other leathers Materia
SUN-TEC Swiss United Technologies Transparent LED Film The LED Film technology is usually used for glass products that have to be laminated for safety reasons, like laminated glass tables, balustrades and glass logo doors. LED Films can be based on a transparent conductive coating or based on a printed condu Materia
TESITURA CORTI Denitech 3N Tech denim, stretch. 3 layers with high tenacity materio Belgium
TESITURA CORTI Tanga 621 N Nylon mech 3 layers with neoprene materio Belgium
Tessiatura Tele Metalliche Rossi Juta The union between metal and juta, one of oldest and natural yarn, creates a nice effect warm-cold and expresses the concept of Bio Architecture. The irregularity of Juta weaving with metal confers simplicity, harmony and elegance of the living natural in materio Belgium
Tessiatura Tele Metalliche Rossi Stella These are weave that can be individually used, because are characterize from originals and unique effects created by a refined weaving. They can also be matched or put one on top of the other, making curtains offering an attractive play of transparency, l materio Belgium
Textiles by Becca Statley Kitsch Hand embroidered and embellished photographic digital print. Embellished with a mix of glass beads, bugle beads and handmade acrylic beads and sequins creating an innovative piece which combines a mix of materials. Trendease International
Theo Riviere Wood Silhouette of refined sculpture melding architecture and art. With infinite variations of pattern in three dimensions. Colour Hive
Thermaltech Thermaltech Fabric ThermalTech fabric is designed to capture the sun’s ultraviolet rays (as well as energy from artificial light sources) and transform them into heat to warm wearers up to an additional 18F in a matter of minutes. The stainless steel mesh fabric threads are Materia
Tibtech Innovations Tibgrid Tibgrid is a flexible, electro-heating grid integrated into a woven yarn. It is suitable for smart textiles or composite materials. The heating circuits are made from electro-yarn, which can be covered with PTFE for insulation. Standard widths are 50mm or Materia
Tiffany Loy Textile Transmutation Heat-set knit fabric Colour Hive
TMC Hallcrest Chromazone Thermobatch is a thermochromic colour concentrate in universal plastic carrier. It allows for plastic articles with reversible colour change controlled by temperature variation. Common settings are body temperature, and many colours are available. The mat Materia
twenty2 DEEP 3D Wallpaper Whether you use the 3D glasses or not, this wallpaper always has a dynamic effect. In partnership with Pratt Institute, twenty2 created DEEP, a curated collection of lush 3D wallpapers. DEEP is printed with eco-friendly, water-based inks on high-quality, Materia
Ultrafabrics EcoTech Komodo Ultrafabrics are pioneers in the polyurethane synthetic leather industry. Merging six decades of passion and experience with proprietary technology and an artisan process from Japan, Ultrafabrics creates the most enhanced fabrics on the market - intelligently crafted for a global tomorrow. Our certified manufacturing facility in Japan allows us the ability to develop unique products to specification and to deliver globally. We leverage this strength from servicing markets as diverse as automotive, aviation, healthcare, hospitality, commercial, retail and leisure. Trendease International
Unilux Nederland B.V. Nanotecfilm Nanotecfilm consists of two layers of PET foil that holds a Polymer Network filled with liquid crystals. When a low voltage is sent into the Nanotecfilm the foil will change from opaque white to transparent. By adjusting the voltage the transparency can b Materia
V. Fraas GmbH 3D Profile Warp knitted 3D structures have two external surfaces that can be designed freely. The two outer layers are connected and at the same time kept apart by spacer threads from a variety of materials. The result are complex textile structures that are charact Materia
Vito Loverre 3D Printed Surface This textile is a normal mesh enhanced by a FDM (fused deposition modelling) 3D printer that prints a layer of flexible material onto the textile. This technique gives structure and rigidity to the textile where it is really required, for example, in the Materia
Vive Innovation Wootex Wootex is a new material made of recycled textile and plastic waste. It offers ‘woodlike’ qualities and is an environmentally friendly, easy to process and low-cost material. Ideal for manufacturing noise barriers, flowerboxes, patios and more. There is h Materia
wet-green wet-green Tanning leather with olive leafs? The wet-green OBE tanning agent is prepared in a similar way to a natural tea extract. This extract is produced using only a by-product of the olive cultivation industry – the leaves. The wet-green tanning process permits Materia
Weverij Van Neder n.v Outdoor These upholstery textiles for outdoors are non allergenic, resists mould and bacteria and are protected against seawater, chlorine, acid, sunscreen, perspiration and stains. Above all the fabric adapts to the temperature: it warms you when it's cold and p materio Belgium
YSHIELD GmbH & Co. KG Y Shield Y-shield netting and fleeces protect against electromagnetic radiation (EM radiation or EMR). Electromagnetic radiation is a particular form of the more general electromagnetic field (EM field), which is produced by moving, charged particles. Materia
Zengke Jin Pleats three dimensional woven structure Colour Hive

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