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Turkuaz Tekstil Dıs Tic. Ltd. Sti. was established in 2002 with TURKTEX brand name. Hedquarters of our company is located in Istanbul, the economical capital city of Turkey, and the factory is located in Bursa, the textile hub of the country. Turktex is an independent Turkish textile company whose activity centers on the broad world of synthetic yarns. The yarns produced are for Home Textiles (for curtains and upholstery fabrics) Apparel and Technical Applications. We export half of our production and the other half is distributed domestically. In the international markets we serve to the customers in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Egypt, Morocco and the Middle East. Locally we serve to well-known fabric exporters. Turktex is dedicated to Service and Quality; in today’s business quality is indispensable however if quality is not supported with service, success con not be achieved. The quality of its products and its sales service have made TURKTEX Turkey's leading company in the high value added continuous filament sector, especially for polyester, polyproplyene and polyamide yarns. Turktex is producing high value added yarns for curtains and upholstery fabrics by applying the following processes: • PP- Polyproplene Spinning • Air Texturing • Draw Texturing • Twisting • Fancy twisting • Dyeing PRODUCTS: 1-PP- Polyproplene Yarn (Ranging from 75 - 1300 deniers) • Round, Triangular, Hollow cross section; semi dull and bright • UV stabilizor • Flame Retardant 2-Air Textured Yarns - ATY Taslan Yarns (Ranging from 30 - 6000 deniers) • Curtain, Upholstery, Technical Textile, Outdoor, Military and Automotive yarns • ATY, Mechanical Slub, Silky Slub, Taslan, Woollike, Spun like • Ecru, Package Dyed, Dopedyed, Melange, Cationic 3-Textured Yarns - DTY (Ranging from 20 - 1600 deniers) • DTY (textured), DTY Slub, Thick and Thin (Linen like) • Multi-ply Twisted Textured, Intermingled multicolor Textured • Cationic Blend Textured • Ecru, Package Dyed, Dopedyed, Melange, Cationic 4-Twisted Yarns (Ranging from 20 - 4000 deniers) • FDY- Flat Twisted • DTY- Textured Twisted • ATY- Air Textured Twisted • Ecru, Package Dyed, Dopedyed, Melange, Cationic 5-Monofilament Yarns • Mono: 20/1 flat and textured • Dual: 40/2 flat semi dull and bright • Trio: 60/3, 60/4 flat semi dull and bright • Ecru, Package Dyed 6-Fancy Yarns

DOSAB Mine Sok NO 6
16245 Bursa

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Tel.: 90-2242613110
Fax: 90-2242613114

Burhanettin Eraslan
Deniz Arıman ARAS


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