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Press Release 5/5: Fluid times: successful edition extended!

05-05-2017 in Press Release

In this Press Release: The MoOD 2016 experience / MoOD: embracing commercial transactions & face-to-face contacts in “boutique” concept / Indigo Brussels 2017 appears to be a success!

MoOD / Indigo Brussels - overview

The MoOD 2016 experience

The new venue - Tour & Taxis, in the heart of Brussels - turned out to be a brilliant move: 76% of the exhibitors gave the venue a score of 7/10 or higher.

The Shell Boutique Stands were successfully introduced: 74% of the exhibitors gave the new stand concept a score of 7/10 or higher.

MoOD 2016 focused on experience:

  • The Innovation Platform was larger than ever.
  • The Launchpad, where designers and young companies can show their creations face-to-face, was succesfully expanded
  • There was an overall focus on the latest trends.
  • These major modifications were rewarded by a positive press.

More than 4.000 visitors felt immediately at home in this completely new setting. Moreover, not less than 70% of the exhibitors gave the visitors a qualitative rating of 7/10 or higher.

MoOD: embracing commercial transactions & face-to-face contacts in “boutique” concept

MoOD remains the essential show for original design in upholstery, window and wall coverings for the residential and contract market. There’s a clear focus on the buyer’s experience, embracing the all-important commercial transactions as well as the opportunity to have face-to-face contacts, thanks to the “boutique” concept which was introduced during the last edition.

For the next edition of MoOD the sheds 1, 2 and 3 of  the Tour & Taxis building will be maintained since the number of exhibitors of the last edition will most certainly be reached or even exceeded.

MoOD has a clearly European focus: 80% of the MoOD visitors are European citizens and all the selected exhibitors are presenting collections with focus on the European market. 12 countries will be represented at MoOD: the Belgian delegation will have the lead, followed by a strong Turkish delegation and 10 other countries.

6 exhibitors, who used to attend before 2016, have now found their way back to the show.  Amongst them the Chinese company Zhong Wang: The company is focusing for the first time on the European market with a brand new European styled collection from the hands of a Belgian designer.

MoOD is also welcoming the new Spanish exhibitor Fernando Cerdá & Hijos:
The company was established in 1951, and is since 1995 commercialising the Cerdalon  brand. The company, active in both outdoor and indoor upholstery, will be presenting its indoor upholstery collection exclusively at MoOD.

Indigo Brussels 2017 appears to be a success!

With almost 90 exhibitors who have already confirmed their participation at Indigo Brussels Home Edition, our September edition is almost fully booked (99%)!

At Indigo Brussels we welcome a very international audience, with exhibitors coming from 17 countries worldwide. The UK, France and Italy are the most represented countries. 15% of our exhibitors come from outside of Europe with a strong focus on East Asia and the US.

8 studios who took a leap year in 2016 are now more than ever convinced that Indigo Brussels can not be missed and are joining us again in September! We are also very excited to give the opportunity to 6 new studios to discover Indigo Brussels for the very first time. Both European studios as a studio from Brasil and the US will give Indigo a first try in 2017!

• EM Design (DE)
• Bella Parizjeva (BE)
• Jane Dixon (US)
• Studio Hilla (FI)
• Bitte Stenstrom (SE)
• Estudio Prius (BR)

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