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Flocart introduces the co-creation lab

21-08-2017 in Connect

Textile manufacturer Flocart has made a bold move in the past year: they established an open lab for textile professionals to create innovative wall coverings. Flocart Creation Lab is specifically aiming at co-creation. In other words, everybody is welcome in the studio. 

It is a kind of Fablab, a place where you can develop an innovative idea or design under the supervision of experts.

Margot Billiet, designer: “It started with the request of some customers with an innovative idea for wall covering. We invited them to our studio and started a very intensive and interactive cooperation. The result was fabulous and left us hungry for more."

"Today we are officially called the Flocart Creation Lab. We do not market our own collections, but  we offer the technical knowhow and facilities in our lab to create innovative wall coverings. The response was incredible. First time customers are really amazed by the possibilities.

Flocart has been known for their innovative and esthetic creations in wall covering and has won the Blue Drop Award for innovation at MoOD on multiple occasions. In this company any product usually undergoes several treatments. It is rarely printed in one single go. They do work with combined digital and traditional techniques. And the materials are carefully tailored to the design. It is a mix of different materials, from non-wovens, to paper types and textile that interact with transparents; who do -or do not- absorb the ink.

Recent creations by Flocart stood out because of the use of films in gold, silver and copper. With the profound knowledge of the technical processes and materials the Flocart Creation Lab wants to coach a growing number of companies and help them push the boundaries.

Flocart Creation Lab will be present at MoOD. Everybody who is interested can take a sneak peek at some of the amazing creations.


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