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A game changer in faux leathers

17-07-2017 in Connect

Nachik Ltd is the Israeli company that has won the Blue Drop Innovation Award several times. They have returned to MoOD after a short absence. And they have again brought a great innovation.

Nachik Weberman: “Our new development is, in my opinion, the closest it gets to real leather. It was given the name Super Skin. A bold promise, we know.”

You mentioned this could be a game changer in the market of faux leathers. That is a bold statement.
Nachik Weberman: “When you touch it, you´ll know why. It feels and behaves like real leather. The market has reacted with amazement.  We offer different grains, 140 colours and have also coordinated a 3D "weave" effect embossing to match.  Even the back side has the soft touch as real leather.”

Is it made from Polyurethane (PU), a material that was enthusiastically welcomed at first, but later did not seem to deliver on that promise?
“This item is NOT made from PU.  It has a mix content which managed to reach the ultimate combined result of touch and feel but not at the expense of performance.  The old PU which was very popular over the last few years as the leading component in the production of faux leather turned out to be a disappointment since it didn’t perform well.  As a result the  enthusiasm from the PU products diminished and in fact customers were reluctant to use faux leather.  Super Skin is made from a mix of PVC , PU and Polyester and we run many tests to check its durability such as the Jungle test, which is a kind of an "age acceleration"  that mimics the various conditions that determine how many years ahead the product can last.   We have requested to test it for 7 years and it received an easy "pass".  Super skin  has a very high resistance to abrasion (over 100,000 rubs) which makes it ideal for residential as well as for the contract market.”

We are very delighted to bring this new product to an important segment of the market which will fill in the missing gap.

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