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7 interior textile trends not to miss out in 2019

16-05-2018 in NEXT WAVE

Find out about the most influencing textile trends for 2019: material trends, colour trends, patterns and styles.


Afrofuturism is trending

09-05-2018 in Color trends

Did you hear about the movie "Bar Star City" (release date TBA)?  It tells the story of a goddess, a war veteran and the captain of a spaceship meeting in a bar. It is the beginning of a trend called Afrofuturism.


Will 50% of all textiles be naturally dyed by 2040?

04-05-2018 in Circular Textiles

Nearly all textile dye is synthetic nowadays. Initiatives to work with natural dyes had little success over the past years. But colour manufacturer Rubia Natural Colors claims the textile dyes from renewable sources will soon be used in the same volumes as synthetic dyes.


This seat was born from a passion for textiles

29-04-2018 in Co-creation

Studio Joris De Groot designed a pleated seat with performance textiles.


Next wave: textiles to purify air in offices.

29-04-2018 in Co-creation

Probably one of the most shared innovative designs is called “breath/ng”. It is an installation that reduces air pollution in offices and public buildings.


Buying textiles is an art you can learn

29-04-2018 in NEXT WAVE

Trending: textile buyers demand for trainings to improve their buying skills. Here are some tips to get started.


#fun - ecclectic colour pallets rule the cities

29-04-2018 in Color trends

292 million posts on instagram are hashtagged #fun. Only #friends and #love do better. Fun is a growing preoccupation for some time now.


The circular economy will hit the textile industry like a tsunami

29-04-2018 in Circular Textiles

Danish companies Really and Kvadrat are determined to do something about end-of-life textile and post production textile waste. Meanwhile the chemical industry is working on solutions for recycling of plastic. The latter could hit the industry like a tsunami.


Why a trendblog for the textile business?

28-04-2018 in NEXT WAVE

The reason is obvious: the textile business is one of the driving industries behind furniture design and interior decoration.


Who is behind this dedicated textile trend blog?

27-04-2018 in NEXT WAVE

The world is changing exponentially. And so will our industry. But how will this affect your business? And the textile business in general? Niek De Prest casts an eye on the future of textiledesign and textile industry.


Next Wave Textile Trends

26-04-2018 in NEXT WAVE

NEXT WAVE is the title of this trend blog. I, Niek De Prest, trend analyst for MoOD+Indigo, have selected it because of the enormous speed we are running into the future with. Trends come in waves. The one already higher and more powerful than the other.

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