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Mass of new-old materials will force industry into braver choices

17-07-2017 in Connect

Material Lab claims to be ‘UK’s finest design resource studio and material lab’. The regular visitors of the lab mostly consist of architects and design studios. We asked Jim Biddulph which materials will control the future.

Jim Biddulph: “Over the past few months, myself and the Material Lab team have been exploring materials that can be described with some form of the prefix of RE; be it re-use, re-life, re-cycle, re-purpose or re-constitute. There is an ever growing trend for surface materials that transform existing materials from one state to another, more often than not saving them from landfill as a waste item.”

Will the industry equally embrace the RE trend?

“In talking to makers, manufacturers and specifiers, we've found that whilst there is a widening and noble approach to material manufacturing and a genuine intrigue surrounding materials with recycled content, there is still a gap when it comes to the specifier. Many of them will not necessarily take the 'risk' of using recycled materials. The hope must be that there will be a tipping point, where the accumulative mass of all of these new-old materials force people into making braver, more conscious and positive material selections.”

Can you give us a few examples of materials that are really trending and will be on display on the Innovation Platform of MoOD in the future?

“We've discovered designers like Studio Ilio and Martijn Rigters who melt cut hair into metal sheets to create unique inky patterns. British designer Conor Taylor will also be on the Innovation Platform. He is using waste pieces of timber to create a new kind of terrazzo, called Foresso. We will also show bigger brands like Modulyss using yarns made entirely of sea plastic to create their carpet tiles.”


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