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Luxury segment demands performance materials

17-07-2017 in Connect

B&T Textilia is a Flemish company which is known for their creations in flax and wool. The higher segment and editors in particular seem to find their way to this company. Without a doubt materials and design are crucial to them.

Thierry Vandamme: “Natural materials will always appeal to the higher segment. The appearance of natural materials is second to none. But we also see a demand for performance materials in the higher segment, particularly for outdoor textile. Our new outdoor collection for the luxury market taps into that.”

Which materials offer the required performance?
“We have chosen polyolefin for our outdoor collection. Polyolefin offers particularly performance. It is colourfast and UV resistant and much more durable and recyclable compared to acrylic materials. It is also dirt repellent, so the textile requires less cleaning. We also have an Öeko-Tex label for the collection. Actually, linen is also a performance material. It is strong, naturally breathable and perhaps even the most durable material in textile. Flax only needs rainwater. There is no need for additional irrigation. A linen shirt requires about 20 litres of water less compared to a cotton one. And it does not need pesticides to grow. And above all it grows right on our doorstep. If you calculate the ecological footprint, that is something to be considered.”

How do you view the recycle trend and the use of plastic from the oceans?
“The trend is a justified expression of the major concern about our planet. I see many start-ups engaged in upcycling. They want to bring about a change and I think that is great. But on the other hand, I also see top brands, particularly in fashion, who are only using it to brush up their image.”

Do you also use recycled materials?
“A few years ago B&T created a collection in recycled cotton, but the market did not react and we struggled with the limited offer of colours. Today, we sometimes use fibres from recycled PET bottles. Often in a blend and always for the middle segment. We are also working on processing production waste for cushion fillings and we are creating a collection of surpluses. Very small scale of course, really something for a niche. Still, we are consequently ecological in everything we do. It shows in our choice for linen and wool. And we are a Solar Powered factory.”

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