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Blue Drop Awards 2017, and the winners are...

07-09-2017 in Connect

The Blue Drop Awards have been awarded on the second day of MoOD. The Blue Drop exhibition  is an inspiring overview of the “best of the best” of what you can find at MoOD selected from creations submitted by exhibitors. Unique in its own way because it is the world’s only quality label of its kind for interior textiles. Congratulations to the winners!

Strong Identity

Collection or brand that did a great job creating a strong identity. 

Blue Drop Winner: Imatex S.P.A.
For creating a brand identity based on the heritage of the family business. Based also on their long-term vision and their unique ability to create outstanding collections.

Nominee Libeco
The company creates a strong identity with a unique natural material: linen. The presentation is warm and luxurious. Libeco outstands trends and fashion, yet remains modern at all times.

Nominee Flocart NV
By opening a co-creation lab and sharing their know-how with other designers, Flocart is one of the first brands that actually created a ‘shared identity’. Flocart enables designers to push the limits of their technological abilities.

Colour Passage

The nicest, most surprising, best colour setting in a collection or a product.

Blue Drop Winner: Teksko Kadife Kumas SAN.TIC A.S.
The colour award goes to a fabric that uses only one colour. It may seem a little awkward, but the jury chose this fabric for the way the colour changes according to the play of light in the yarns. One colour became many colours.

Nominee: Algemene Two NV
This multicolour fabric is a perfect example of how colours should be combined. It is well in balance and has a positive vibe.

Nominee: B & T Textilia
This fabric combines ethnic design with a temporary colour mix. It combines tradition with trend colours and an exceptional weaving.

Circular Material

A product or a collection that made great effort reducing waste by focusing on eco-centric materials.

Blue Drop Winner: Audejas
For their collection made of re-engineered wool.
And also for their commitment and vision to integrate a new generation of eco values into their creations.

Nominee: Rioma S.A.
Rioma is one of the first brands who created a collection in 100% organic cotton. A brave choice.

Nominee: Toyi See Toh
This inspiring concept combines moss and seeds with clay and textiles. This young designer introduced a new way to create vertical gardens.

Remarkable Technique

This award is all about technical excellence or weaving expertise.

Blue Drop Winner: Big Impact BV
Not 2D, not 3D, but 2,5 D. The jury was very excited with this world première and the beginning of a new era in printing techniques for interior decoration.

Nominee: Flocart NV
Flocart pushes the boundaries of technological know-how. In their co-creation lab, they help designers and editors of wall coverings to focus on the final product and overcome technological issues.

Nominee: Nachik Ltd.
This never seen before innovative, knitted velvet, is embossed and manually finished. It is not only remarkably technical surprising, it is also of an unspoken beauty and softness.

Best Contract

This award goes to the strongest creations for the contract market. The functionalities and demands of the contract market prevail.

Blue Drop Winner: De Poortere Frères sa
A light velvet, with a changing bicolour effect in blue and grey melange. The fabric is soft and strong and of a distinctive beauty.

Nominee: Beaulieu Fabrics
This fabric appears to be hand woven, a look that is been searched for in the contract market. Further, the fabric meets all the demands of the contrast market.

Nominee: Tosunoglu Tekstil San. Tic. AS./INTEGRO
This trendy green fabric seems, at a closer sight, to be a fabric with multiple colours. It makes the fabric richer and better resistant against stains. The structure of the fabric is interesting and well in balance with the design.


Selected by Trendease International

Blue Drop Winner: MUUNA
White multi-textural trim featuring digitally embroidered coral appliques with hand macramé vinyl and grown crystals.  Creating an ethereal and sculptural surface for decorative interior or fashion applications. This piece is part of ‘Artificilae//Matter’ a collection in which crystals are grown from woven and embroidered fabrics to create mineral surfaces of cultivated embellishment. Fabrics are made to order and can be tailored to client specification.

Jacob Monk
Inspired by forms of protection found in nature paying close attention to the skin of reptiles. This piece creates an exaggerated three-dime nsional texture using pleats, giving a rippled skin-like effect. Within each pleat runs gold reflective yarn causing the fabric to light up and catch the eye when the light hits it.

Nominee: Chloe Nalwoga
Dazed is a wallpaper print that is inspired by the traditional paisley patterns, which are reconstructed and embellished with destressed textures.  This eye-catching print opens the mind of the viewer and takes them to new worlds of their imagination. The mixture of the traditional paisley and dark bold colours allows the print to blend in with modern interiors while making a bold statement.   





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