Highlights of MoOD 2017:

The venue of Tour & Taxis and the Boutique concept were consolidated and overall appreciated, the timing was perfect, both for the visitors as for the exhibitors, which is nicely illustrated in the testimonial of Mr. Hakan Donmaz, General Manager of Marteks. Read it here.

During the entire show, we welcomed <3.834 visitors>. 87% of these visitors attended MoOD during the first 2 days of the show, which leads us to stable figures compared to 2016.

There was a slight increase of international visitors from outside Europe, yet the majority of the visitors remain Europeans (84%).

The overall quality level of the visitors was high. 70% of the exhibitors gave them a rate of 7/10 or more.

The Innovation Platform (which inspired 61% of the visitors), and the Trends / Blue Drop Awards (which inspired 50% of the visitors), were highly appreciated and contributed to a positive vibe at the show.

Finally, visiting trade shows remains the most popular way to stay up-to-date as it comes to sector related news (88,5% of the visitors). These figures were revealed from the Visitors‘ Survey.

And of course, we are open to learn from the last edition and take up our engagement to improve the next edition of MoOD:

As MoOD 2017 was exceptionnally taking place from Wednesday till Friday, MoOD 2018 will take place from Tuesday till Thursday, as it used to be.

As for this edition we succesfully focused on visitors from the Anglosaxon and Scandinavian countries, for the next edition, we will be focusing on an increase of the visitors of Southern Europe.

After succesfully installing the airconditiong in Tour & Taxis, the improvement of Wifi connection will be taken care of for the next edition.

According to Tour & Taxis, the main works on the parking are planned to be finished by the end of this year, the ntrance and parking infrastructure should be all fine by the next edition.


Please block in your agenda Tuesday, September 11 till Thursday, September 13 for MoOD 2018!



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