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Indigo Brussels

More than 100 international studios and designers propose patterns and designs for home-universe professionals.

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Latest news:


Building an epic textile journey

21-04-2016 in Connect

Textile design is so much more than the products themselves. It is part of a story. An epic story used by designers to give their creations a unified appearance and, more particularly, a deeper meaning. Textile narrates their pathos, through the design, the materials and the colours.


The new trend story is EPIC

20-04-2016 in Connect

Epic is the new trend story for MoOD / Indigo Brussels. But what does EPIC mean? It is probably the most overused word ever. Look it up and you will find that it is slang for the awesome and the cool, the amazing and the sweet. Perhaps even for the epic fail, the badass and the crazy. But most of all epic is about a good story and a fantastic experience. Epic!


Trends 17/18: One source of inspiration... nature.

06-04-2016 in Connect

Wood and stone, worn and aged, these trends all still very ‘hot’. But the style is far more eclectic than we have seen for many years. Classic patterns with exotic accents, aquarelle or intense colours, everything is possible. Even the often dominant ethnic patterns are back again. 


New concept and location catch on!

06-04-2016 in Connect

What started out as a trade fair for row upon row of upholstery fabrics will continue to grow, innovate and extend in the next edition, into a true experience and trendsetter in the market. An event where Face to Face contacts are established, the future is shown and where customers and manufacturers can meet each other in an innovative and relaxed environment. 

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